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Pokemon Unite Mobile Voice Chat Guide: How to setup & use it?

One of the most beloved franchises Pokemon has given us numerous games for Nintendo consoles like Super Nintendo, Nintendo 3DS, and recent Nintendo Switch. Each game had unique gameplay with tons of cute Pokemons to defeat and capture them with interesting mechanics and presentation. Pokemon Unite, the recent online multiplayer battle arena game has players hooked into the game with unique ranked matches, co-op features, and global teamups. With the game released on Android and iOS, players are excited that they’ll get to enjoy this game with their friends engaging in PvP players by defeating enemy pokemon.  and gaining new combat skills by capturing wild pokemon. Here’s our Pokemon Unite Mobile Voice Chat Guide that’ll guide you step by step to chat with your friends and have fun. We’ll also cover a lot of every little thing that is mandatory for setting up voice chat in Pokemon Unite.

Pokemon Unite Mobile Voice Chat

Is the voice chat available on Pokemon Unite?

A lot of players who bought the game and when playing matches usually communicate through chat box when playing. This is because they don’t know there are certain requirements that players must fulfill to enable voice chat. I know it’s ridiculous as many various online games allow voice chat in the lobby, and Pokemon Unite not having this option is a little sad for fans. But not to worry as enabling them isn’t too difficult, given you’ve followed every step properly.

To simply put, YES, there is a voice chat feature available in Pokemon Unite. But, first players need to reach Trainer Level 6, as this is mandatory if you wish to use voice chat. Once you’ve reached Trainer Level 6, you’ll be free to use voice chat in any type of match with your friends.

How to enable voice chat

Now that you’ve reached Trainer Level 6, it’s time to enable voice chat in the game. To enable Pokemon Unite Mobile Voice Chat, follow the necessary steps mentioned below.

  • In the home screen of Pokemon Unite, press X, scroll down until you find the settings tab
  • Under the Audio section, make sure that Voice is enabled.

However, there are two more settings that users have to enable before they can use voice chat in the game and they can only be enabled after entering into a match. Keep in mind that enabling these settings in the middle of the match will leave you vulnerable to the opposing teams and might complicate things.

Pokemon Unite Mobile Voice Chat Guide

  • To enable the voice settings, press the plus (+) button, then the minus (-) button
  • Scroll down to Voice Settings.
  • You’ll see two options which are the Incoming and Outcoming options.
  • If you want to hear your teammates without conversing with them, you can turn on the incoming option
  • If you wish to talk to your teammates, you can turn on Outgoing as well

That’s it, now you can easily voice chat with your teammates in Pokemon Unite.


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