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Pokemon Unite Onix Release Date & Launch Status: When It Will Be Available

Pokemon Unite is here, as you get set to battle it out. The game is exclusively available for Nintendo Switch players. But by September mobile gamers on Android and iOS devices would get their editions as well. The franchise has been able to keep up the fandom amongst the current generation. Spanning from trading cards to TV shows and now games, Pokemon is all around us. “Gotta Catch ‘Em All!” is the mood, and there are various Pokemon for you to look out for. One Pokemon which will definitely catch your attention is the gigantic Onix. But when is the Pokemon coming out? Read this article to find out all the details.

Pokemon Unite: Onix

In the TV show, Brock had an Onix. He was able to bring the best usage of the Rock and Ground-type Pokemon. It stands at a height of 28 feet and 10 inches! The mighty Onix later transforms into Steelix, which comes under Steel and Ground-type Pokemon.

A superbly Defensive Pokemon, Onix can be a great addition to your roster, thanks to the special abilities it has got. The Sturdy and Rock Head can cause quite the damage to your opponent. But the giant Pokemon has also got quite a range of weaknesses. Onix would not be a good option for battle, if you are facing Steel, Fighting, Ice, and fellow Ground-type Pokemon. It can deal up to four times (4x) damage, inflicted by Water and Grass Type Pokemon.

Onix Release Date

As of now, Onix has not received any official announcement or date regarding its arrival in Pokemon Unite. But if there is any update regarding the arrival of Onix in the game, you can catch up instantly at VabSaga.


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