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PS5 cloud storage not working: Fixes & Workarounds

The PS5 offers a bunch of useful settings that can ease the life of a gamer. One such is the Cloud Storage feature which automatically saves all your game progress in the cloud without any hassle. However, this service is only available if you have a PS Plus subscription. Anyways, players have reported that even after availing of the subscription, the console is failing to save data on the cloud as the cloud storage is not working. If you are also facing this error, then worry not as you are not alone. In this article, we will be sharing all the details on how to fix the PS5 cloud storage not working issue. Here’s everything you need to know.

Well, the cloud storage service is one of the best things the PS5 offers to its users. Although it works fine for the majority of the players, there have been reports that have shed light on the fact that the console is unable to save game progress on the cloud due to some unknown issue. Yes, we are unable to figure out why this issue occurs as the error message is quite vague and doesn’t provide any details regarding its root cause. With that being said, we have some really simple and easy workarounds for you to follow so that you can get rid of this issue for good. Continue reading to know more.


PS5 cloud storage not working: Fixes & Workarounds

If your PS5 cloud storage is failing you, try the following workarounds that might be useful in getting rid of it.

1) Check if your PS Plus subscription is active

Since the cloud storage service is available for PS Plus users, it is quite obvious that you cannot use the service if your subscription ends. So, before trying anything, make sure that your PS Plus subscription is active. If the error persists even with an active PS Plus subscription, continue with the other methods.

2) Select which data to sync

This error might occur when your console fails to determine which sync data is required to sync. So, to get rid of such a situation, head to the notification menu of your PS5 and then select the error message there. Now, a new window will pop up with you having to select which data to sync. Select the Cloud Storage option and that’s it.

3) Check your internet connection

If you have an unstable internet connection that frequently disconnects, then your console won’t be able to upload the data to the cloud resulting in such an error. So, consider using a wired connection for better connectivity.

So, now you know how to fix the PS5 cloud storage not working issue. For more such guides, make sure to visit Vabsaga.


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