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PS5: How to Change Mic From Controller to Wired Headset

The PS5 brings the next generation of gaming experience to the people. For many people, the communication system has improved and changed quite well. The PS5 controller comes with an attached microphone. Along with this, you also get a mute/unmute button. But for many people, the headset microphone is the ultimate choice. Unfortunately, many people are not able to change the mic from the controller to their wired headset. Are you also facing this issue? It’s an easy fix. Read this article to find out the details.

PS5: Change Microphone

Usually, when people connect their headset with the controller, the console automatically reads it as a Wireless Controller. Afterwards, when you head to the Microphone option, you will get to see the Mic set as Wireless Controller. There will be no option to change it from the Wireless Controller to the Headset Microphone.

How can you get the option of Headset Controller? What are the changes you need to make? It’s an easy fix. Read the instructions below to get the PS5 Microphone problem.

The problem can often originate from your microphone. Hence you need to unmute your microphone. Often at times, many headsets and microphones get the option of unmuting. You need to keep your microphone unmuted. After keeping your microphone unmuted, attach it with your PlayStation5 controller. Upon doing this, you can check it on your console. The microphone of your headset would show up.

Once it is connected to the controller, you can mute the microphone from the controller. There is a button, on the centre, between the 2 joysticks (above the headset slot). From here, you can therefore mute or unmute your microphone. Do not keep your microphone muted from the headset. If the headset microphone is set to mute, it will completely disconnect from your PlayStation 5 console. Neither the controller nor the PS5 would be able to read the Microphone. Therefore, because of this disconnection, your headset mic won’t show up as an option in console settings.

After the headset connected is recognised by the controller and the system, you can access the settings from the main menu. Here, go to the mic option and select Headset. That is how you can change Mic from controller to Wireless headset in PS5.


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