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PS5 icons not showing: How to fix it?

PS5 users have been reporting an error that makes the game icons not show in the game library. This isn’t a recent issue. Right after the PS5 was launched, users were going on forums and websites talking about such issues. But is this error fixable?

Of course, it’s fixable. Although you would need to follow the given methods one by one as some fixes here require that you know certain features. Also, you can contact Sony support if none of the methods works for you. Now, here is our guide which will help you in fixing the PS5 icons not showing issue.


PS5 icons not showing: How to fix it?

Boot the PS5 in Safe Mode and Restart –

Safe Mode is a feature that allows the PS5 to start with only basic functions. To boot the PS5 in Safe Mode, turn off the console by pressing the power button for three seconds. After the PS5 is switched off hold the same power button for seven seconds and wait for a second beep. When you hear the beep, plug in the PS controller using a USB cable. Then press the PS button on it and voila! You have successfully booted the console in Safe Mode. Now to restart the console in Safe Mode, just select the first option and let the console do its job.

Rebuild Database –

First, you would need your PS5 in Safe Mode. Follow the first method to do so. Once there, select the fifth option called Clear Cache and Rebuild Database. You don’t have to worry about losing your progress as it will not do so.

Reinstall the game –

You can also try reinstalling the particular game. Do this only if you have good enough internet as you would need to download the same game again. To uninstall the game, simply click on it and select options. Next, choose to uninstall and you are done. Now, head over to the PS Store and start your download.

Restore licenses –

To restore licenses, head over to Settings > Users and Accounts. Next, choose Other and select Restore Licenses. You will see the Restore option. Select it. The PS5 will automatically start the process and once it’s finished, check and see if you have the issue still on.

Factory reset the PS5 –

Users should do this method if they are ok with the idea of deleting every single data on their console. If you still want to go on with this method, go to Settings > System > System Software. Next, select Reset Options and choose Reset Your Console.

We hope that this guide has helped you in having your PS5 game icons back. If you want to know more about how to fix the PS5 display not fitting screen issue, check out this article. Don’t forget to bookmark us to get the latest on gaming and tech. Game on!!


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