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PS5 not accepting disc: How to fix it?

The PS5 not accepting disc issues is not a new one. And it is not limited to the PlayStation 5 only. While most issues are generally limited to the software side, this one is not. We really can’t accurately discern what leads to such an issue, but what we do know is that it is a mix of both software and hardware problems.

For some, it may be a faulty disc driver or for others, it may have something to do with the console software itself. Try following this guide to solve your issue. One thing you should remember is that what works for you, may not work for others. Troubleshooting is always a game of chance. So, follow these fixes one by one. And once the issue resolves, stop right then and there. No need to go further and follow other methods.

PS5 not accepting disc: How to fix it?

PS5 not accepting disc: How to fix it?

Clean the disc –

Unlike most other errors, this one can be hardware related. If the PS5 is not accepting discs, first check the disc itself. See if it has any dirt or scratches. You can also try to clean it with a clean cloth. If the console is still not accepting the disc, try inserting another one. In case the other disc goes in and runs, then there is a problem with your first disc.

Clean the disc drive –

Warning!!! Do this method only if you are confident about your disassembling abilities.

Dust is what rust is to a boat. Over time dust buildup will damage the console. That may also be one of the reasons why your PS5 is not accepting discs. To clean the PS5 disc drive, you will need to disassemble it a bit. Once you have unscrewed the outside panels, use a compressed air can or a blower to remove any dust or foreign objects. Screw everything back in and test if the disc goes in and runs.

Check the disc compatibility –

One of the major selling points behind this new ninth-generation PlayStation console is that it is backwards compatible. But there’s a caveat to that. The PS5 is only backwards compatible with the PS4. However, if you try inserting discs from previous generations other than the PS4, the PS5 will not accept it.

Restart in Safe Mode –

It’s fairly easy to restart your PS5 in Safe Mode. Just turn off the PS5, and after it’s switched off, press the power button for seven seconds. Once you hear the second beep, get your controller and connect it using a USB cable. Press the PS button. You are now in Safe Mode. But we still have work to do. Next out of the seven options presented, select Restart.

Reset the PS5 –

You can also try setting the console. To do so, enter Safe Mode by following the previous step. Once, you are in Safe Mode, click on Reset PS5 from the available options presented. Also, one very important thing to remember here is that this will erase all your data. If you want to save your console data, you better do a backup.

Hardware problem –

Unfortunately, the possibility of a hardware malfunction can be there too. A faulty disc reader can be one of the most likely culprits of this issue too. And if that’s the case, you would have to contact support regarding it.

We hope that this guide has helped you in solving the PS5 won’t accept disc issue. If you, want to know about how to fix the ce-100005-6 error on PS5, check out this article. Don’t forget to bookmark us to get the latest on gaming and tech. Game on!!


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