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PS5 not finding WiFi networks: How to fix it

PS5 not being able to find a Wi-Fi network is not a new issue at all. But it is an annoying one. Lots of gamers today prefer downloading their games digitally and this issue can be a particularly big problem. Plus, the console requires constant software updates to output the best overall performance, and not having access to the internet will certainly be an undesirable issue. 

As we said earlier, this is not a new issue. Which means it’s fixable. Although we can’t guarantee that one method will be a fix it all option. So, it’s best to try every method mentioned and stop once your issue gets fixed.

PS5 not finding WiFi networks: How to fix it

PS5 not finding Wi-Fi networks: How to fix it

Test the network connection –

The PS5 comes with a handy tool that you can use to test your network connection. It also helps with diagnosing any connection problems and such. Go to Settings and head to the Network tab. Select Connection Status and choose the option titled – Test Internet Connection. Let the test run. It will inform you about any problems. If not, then it’s better that you move on to the next method. 

Try connecting to a different wifi

If the primary wifi connection isn’t showing on your PS5, consider connecting to a mobile hotspot. Also, make sure to alter the Wifi band you are using. For eg- If you are using the 5Ghz band of your wifi, try connecting to the 2Ghz band.

Do a full power cycle of your router –

To do a full power cycle, switch off your router and remove the main cable from the power socket. Wait for about twenty minutes or so. After the said amount of time has gone, plug it back in and start it. 

Update your router –

Almost all modern hardware needs constant updates to function properly. Your router is the same. If by any chance you are keeping your router not up-to-date, you will most likely encounter such issues. To update your router it’s best advised to refer to the manual it came with. 

Reset the router –

We recommend this step as a last method and only when you are comfortable with deleting your saved settings. However, if you still want to factory reset the router, just do as same as the previous method and refer to the instruction manual. Once again remember that doing this will delete all your saved settings. 

Update the PS5 –

You can also update your PS5 if it’s sitting outdated. Plus it’s always a good idea to especially keep consoles updated. Otherwise, be ready to lose the overall stability of the console. To update your PS5 go to Settings > System > System Software > System Software Update and Settings > Update System Software. 

We hope that this guide has helped your PS5 in finding Wi-Fi networks. If you want to know how to eject disc from PS5, check out this article. Don’t forget to bookmark us to get the latest on gaming and tech. Game on!!


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