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Psychonauts 2: How to Save

Unlike most contemporary video games, Psychonauts 2 does not make provision for players to manually save the game, which is a bit surprising, as the manual save feature was present in the original Psychonaut game. It is necessary then that in this article, we look at how to save in Psychonauts 2.

We should also have a brief rundown of the game before we learn how to save in-game progress. The game is played from a third person’s perspective where the player is in charge of the main character, Raz, who is making preparations to become a Psychonaut.

Psychonauts 2: How to Save
Psychonauts 2: How to Save

In the game plot, Raz is on a quest to find out some hidden truths regarding the capture of the leader of the Psychonauts headquarters. The character makes use of mystical powers to explore the mission.  The game was developed by Double Fine Productions and published by Xbox Game Studio.

Psychonauts 2 was launched on different gaming platforms like; PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Xbox Series X/S, and macOS. Psychonauts 2 got mainly positive reviews upon its release. Its visuals, graphics, and design were majorly applauded. But that’s not why we are here today. Continue reading to know how to save your in-game progress in Psychonauts 2.

Psychonauts 2: How to Save

Most players worry about their game progress during gameplay so having knowledge of how to save it is really important. Imagine how frustrating it could be when after playing a game for hours, one runs into some kind of issue and they have to start the game from the beginning. It can be really annoying and frustrating. However, we are going to tell you how to save your Psychonauts 2 game.

Luckily, the game automatically saves your game progress as you play. The auto-save triggers when checkpoints are reached or milestones are achieved. The developers made it in such a way that you really do not have to worry about your game’s progress in case there occurs an issue in the game where you are susceptible to losing game progress. However, you can also confirm the last checkpoint the game was auto-saved by exiting the game through the in-game options menu. This makes it easy to track the last save when the game is launched again. The auto-save feature is good enough that complaints have not been raised regarding players losing their saved progress.

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