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PUBG New State: How to disable Shoulder Aim?

Shoulder aim is one of the features that was originally seen in PUBG PC that lets players shift the camera right behind your character in TPP mode. Changing the view to an “over the shoulder” view of the action. This feature was mostly used in indoor environments where players needed to flush out hidden enemies in PUBG PC and was also seen in older games like Gears of War and Resident Evil 4 and is seen in Fortnite as well. With PUBG New State released just now, this feature is also implemented into the game. But the problem is Shoulder Aim has a lot of disadvantages as those who are new to the game will make them unable to react to enemies quicker if there is an ambush, or if you’ve run into the enemy on the battlefield.  In mobile controls, the Shoulder Aim feels limited as the camera gets centered on the player firing the weapon, hence limiting the field of view and movement speed. Worse, enemies can easily get the drop on you when enabling this mode and are advised to turn it off. Read on more about PUBG New State and how you can disable Shoulder Aim PUBG New State.

PUBG New State issues

PUBG New State

Borrowing various gameplay mechanics from PUBG PC, PUBG New State has become the most downloaded game on Mobile platforms that offers the next-gen battle royale experience. Similar to its other counterpart PUBG Mobile, the game offers rewards after logging into the game. The shooting also feels comfortable in PUBG New State and tweaking certain sensitivity settings can help you aim your guns better and win chicken dinners with ease. You can fiddle around with ADS, camera, and gyroscope settings until you feel comfortable with the settings.

Why shoulder aim is flawed on PUBG New State.

Unlike the PC version where you can switch to ADS and Shoulder View by holding the right mouse button and tapping it once. You can’t freely switch between normal aiming and shoulder aiming. This can severely impact the gameplay and newcomers would have a hard time adapting to it after PUBG Mobile.

PUBG New State disable shoulder aim

How to disable Shoulder aim.

To disable “shoulder view” in PUBG New State, head to the “Settings” option, and under drag section, you’ll see an “Auto Shoulder Weapon” option. Tap on “Disable”. Now the shoulder aim will be no more and you’ll have an easier time aiming your weapon in-game like PUBG Mobile and enjoy playing the game.



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