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Realm Royale: How To Play Cross Platform?

Cross platform play feature allows players to enjoy games with other players who are playing the game using a different platform. Since fans of Realm Royale discovered the game supports crossplay, they’ve been eager to know how to make use of this feature. In this article, we will be looking at how to play cross platform in Realm Royale. Before we proceed, let’s have a brief overview of the game.

Realm Royale: How To Play Cross Platform?
Realm Royale: How To Play Cross Platform?

Realm Royale was produced after the 2018 Paladins video game and is filed under the third-person shooter genre.  The free-to-play video game was developed by Heroic Leap Games and published by Hi-Rez studios. The game also features a squad play mode where players are sectioned into teams of four competing against 90 players. Well, your teammates can hail from either PC/console as the game supports cross-platform play. But, many are unaware of how to play cross-platform matches in Realm Royale. Well, to know, continue reading.

Realm Royale: How to Play Cross Platform

Now that you know that Realm Royale supports crossplay on PlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, let’s look at how to play the game with cross-platform friends.

1) After you’ve launched the game, go to Social and click on the Friends tab, then click on the pen at the top of the menu box that pops up to invite a friend.

2) Next, you type in the username of the friend you wish to add, and if a “player not found” message pops up, go to PLAY and click on the Tutorial. From there, click on Custom Games which will take you to where you will choose your region.

3) After choosing your preferred region, create your custom game. You can give it a name and password of your choice and choose the Duo game type. Your friend should click on PLAY on his screen and then, go to the Tutorial tab, then click on custom games and choose the same region as you.

4) Now, your friend will see your custom game. All he/she needs to do is click Join and input the correct password. After that, your friend’s icon will appear on the right side of your screen inside your custom game.

5) At this point, make a right-click on your friend’s username and click on Add Friend. Close the custom game and wait for your friend to accept your friend request.

6) For your friend to accept your request, he/she should go to the Socials tab on the screen and click on the Friends tab. There, your friend will be able to accept your friend request.

7) Finally, form a team and enjoy the game.

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