Reddit hosts what may be the healthiest war for internet fans

Reddit hosts what may be the healthiest war for internet fans

The r / Place screenshot shows how Elden Ring and Hollow Knight fans meet.

Screenshot: Reddit / Kotaku

Who created this amazing pixel art of Elden ring‘with Morning sitting next to the protagonist Hollow knight, and why? The answer is r / Place, Reddit battlefield where anyone can place a dot and change the history of memes. At a time when so much modern internet is a waste, r / Place is back and it’s still really great.

Partly an April Fool’s Joke, partly a sociological experiment, Place’s internet pixel mural is back after a five-year hiatus and is bigger than ever. Originally debuted in 2017 with one simple conceit: let random internet users collaborate on the artwork, but let them place only one pixel every five minutes. The results ranged from expected to bizarre. Some people helped make Van Gogh Starry night. Others created a great black void with similar anomalies that got their own story as users responded to what happened in real time. Idea belonged to Josh Wardlean Reddit employee at the time, whom you may now know as creator Wordle.

It is now r / Place back, doubling in size and reflecting the last half decades of online culture and technological development in the process. The fans have spent the last four days fight for blank canvas expressing solidarity with Ukraine and trans rights, offering meme shares and trolling fandoms. This has led to strange disputes and unlikely alliances, as various Internet pockets and great online celebrities are engaging in real-time takeovers.

An overview of some weirder teams reported to Fanbyte shows Spyro fans trying to join forces with Commonwealth fans and Nier fans he reached out on Kingdom heart fans. Most groups that are not able to compete on a large scale will be satisfied with the minimal real estate they need to properly express the character of their fandom in pixels. To be even more effective, some groups have put the pictures together or decided to protect existing works of art in larger takeovers.

AND Final Fantasy XIV the logo has been preserved at 1274 x 534 already during the day. Hollow knight fans meanwhile are trying to secure an ode to Silksong, the long-awaited sequel to the game. “Our top priority is to fix the Hornet needle in Silksong,” wrote one of the Discord forces. “I need help with the thread,” another replied. Meanwhile, the Elden Ring community came together to create Erdtree, which is part of Hollow knight Glow.

The Just Chatting category on Twitch is currently dominated by streamers who push their followers to raid various pieces or protect their own. Some people claim to stay up all night to protect their creations, while others claim fraud caused by an influx of robots. As one special example, Streamer Félix “xQc” Lengyel came into conflict with a group of French users whom he accused be fake accounts. At the same time, streamer Jack Manifold tried to get users to use red and blue put each character on the wall 3D glasses. For others, it seemed that the French colors were multiplying.

Because the mural is constantly changing and its major strokes are coordinated on Twitch streams, other subreddits, or dedicated Discords, it’s incredibly hard to really track the microhistory of who does what and why. But at any moment it looks like a sophisticated tapestry reflecting the microcosms of the Internet’s popularity Between us on Blaseball.

“It’s a bit addictive trying to protect the piece you’re building,” said pixel artist Nyan Cat he said The Washington Post. “It’s like a lawn war, but it’s also a social statement.” Like, we need to defend this little penguin here in the corner from the guy throwing purple spots at him. “

r / Place will be shut down sometime on April 4, when the triumphs and defeats of each community will be locked forever. Understandably, this has increased the pressure as things come to an end. One man wrote on Hollow knight Discord: “I apologize to all the new people and visitors, I swear we’ve been prettier, now that we’re nearing the end, it’s getting stressful.”