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Remnant 2: How To Cure Root Rot?

Remnant 2 is a third-person action shooter. It is the sequel to the popular Remnant game that was well-received by many players. Most of the fans of the franchise have been eagerly awaiting this release and are looking forward to playing it and beating the game. The developers of the sequel have been consistent with the public and have made it clear that Remnant 2 is going to provide a unique experience while staying true to its roots. That means we can expect the gameplay and difficulty to be similar to the original Remnant game. Like in the original game, in Remnant 2, too, characters are affected by status ailments. This means you can be affected by a certain status effect when you interact with an object or an in-game location for too long. Effects can stack as well. This is very bad in most cases for your character since it applies a debuff. In this article, we are going to go over how to cure one such status effect: Root Rot.

Remnant 2: How To Cure Root Rot?

Root Rot is an effect that is caused when exploring the lands of Yaesha. In this land, enemies will often dispense a red smoke that affects you if you stand in it for too long. Root Rot is a passive status effect. This means that you are not directly affected by it, but it does apply a debuff to you. Additionally, it is an effect that can only be cured in one way.

Remnant 2: How To Cure Root Rot?

Root Rot is applied when you stand in this red smoke in Yaesha for too long. The debuff it applies is that it locks you in a coughing animation every once in a while. During this coughing animation, you will not be able to move or shoot. This can be very annoying during boss fights or when in a swarm of enemies because you cannot get out of the way of their attacks. Since there is only one way to cure it, you will have to enter the lands of Yaesha prepared.

Oilskin Balm

Luckily, the method to cure the status effect is not too hard. All you need is the consumable Oilskin Balm item. This potion/balm can be acquired from the wild or from Doc Norah. They are also cheap, so you should usually have the credits required to buy them. Purchasing this item requires you to have 100 scraps. Carrying two of them with you in Yaesha is not a bad idea. Whenever you are affected by full Root Rot, you can use one of them to clear this effect. It also applies a temporary resistance to this status effect, making it more effective at curing Root Rot.

Finally, these Oilskin Balms can also be found via wild spawns that can be spotted by a green light on the ground or an item that stands out in Yaesha. These are cues that you should head there for a free consumable. Other status effects in Remnant 2 can also be cured using various items, like the Oilskin Balm, which can be purchased from Doc Norah.

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