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Riders Republic Best Settings to increase FPS & reduce lag

If you love sports where it tests your mettle, skills, and the excitement of overcoming challenges. Pulling off dangerous maneuvers, and enjoying the moment, Riders Republic nailed all the aspects and delivered a fun and exciting game where you can enjoy multiple sports. Sports like Snowboarding, Mountian Biking, Skiing, Wingsuit flying, and Rocket Wingsuiting. The game has been out quiet for a while and fans are enjoying the game and having a good time. Until recently, many players are experiencing performance issues and slowdowns in the game.

This not only prevents the game from being fully enjoyed but also makes it unplayable. The terrible optimization issue of this game has left many players frustrated and looking for a solution to fix those. If you’re one of them, then you’ve come into the right place and we’ll guide you step by step on which settings to choose in Riders Republic to get smoother framerates and have an enjoyable experience.

Riders Republic

Switch to dedicated GPU

If you’re running the game on a laptop with a dedicated GPU, chances are the game is using integrated graphics instead of your dedicated GPU. To fix this, click on Start, type GPU, and click on “Graphics Settings”. After that, turn on “Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling”. Under graphics performance preference, select the desktop app and click on “Browse”. Locate the game and click on “Riders Republic.exe” and then click on add. The game will show up on the list, click “Options” and change it to “High Performance” and click on Save. The game will use your dedicated GPU from now and will result in higher FPS.

Certain options that should be lowered

In PC, several graphical options consume a good chunk of performance that provide no visual improvements on the game whatsoever. If you have a mid-range GPU like GTX 1060 or 1650, you often face these issues when running newer AAA games. In Rider’s Republic, set the following options to low or medium to get smoother framerates.

  • Shadow Quality
  • Terrain Quality
  • Reflections and Grass Quality
  • Snow trail and Water Quality
  • Anisotropic Filtering
  • Anti-Aliasing.

Riders Republic

Best settings for FPS boost in Riders Republic

After thorough research and trial and error, we’ve discovered the optimal setting that’ll not only preserve the quality of the graphics but also the performance. However, you should make sure that you meet the minimum or recommended requirements of this game for these settings to take effect. Set the following settings in your graphics option.

  • Window Mode – Fullscreen
  • Resolution – your monitor’s native resolution
  • Brightness – 50
  • Contrast – 50
  • Refresh Rate – depending on your monitor
  • Vsync – Off
  • Pixel Scale – 100
  • Extended FOV – 100
  • FPS Limit – Unlimited
  • HDR – Off
  • Overall Quality – Custom
  • Shadow Quality – Low
  • Terrain Texture Quality – Low
  • Grass Quality – Medium
  • Reflections – Low
  • Snowtrail Quality – Medium
  • Water Quality – Medium
  • Anti-Aliasing – Medium
  • Ambient Occlusion – Low
  • Anisotropic Filtering – x4
  • Motion Blur – Off (you can keep this option if you want, as there’s no noticeable impact)

Try out these settings and check to see if the performance of the game has improved. You can also try to install the latest GPU drivers and Update Windows to fix the performance issues if the settings above don’t work.



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