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Rollerdrome Multiplayer Mode: Is It Available?

Multiplayer mode is a great feature in video games that enables more than one player to be featured in the same virtual environment at the same time. This can be done through local or couch co-op multiplayer and online multiplayer. Rollerdrome being an action/sports game would be even more fun if there is a multiplayer feature, so in the course of this article, we will discuss Rollerdrome’s multiplayer mode availability and other related details about the game. Let’s start with a brief but concise overview of the roller-skating action game.

Rollerdrome Multiplayer Mode: Is It Available?
Rollerdrome Multiplayer Mode: Is It Available?

Action and sports video games are arguably one of the most played video game genres. Now imagine a video game that combines both action and sports in the gameplay. You don’t have to imagine as it is for real, meeting all expectations you will think such a game should. The game is Rollerdrome, which is an action and sports video game developed and published by Roll7 and Private Division respectively. The game was released on August 16 2022 and is currently available for Microsoft Windows, PS4, and PS5.

Rollerdrome Multiplayer Mode: Is It Available?

There is no soft way to put this to fans of the game who would love to play it with friends using the popular multiplayer mode, so we will just rip the band-aid off. Rollerdrome does not have a Multiplayer mode feature, at least not yet. Now let’s look at the positive side of this fact. Roll7, the developers of the game have not explicitly stated they won’t be adding the multiplayer feature to the game, and Rollerdrome is still new in the gaming market. Like most newly released games, new features will probably be added to the game as demand rises, or developers might decide to add the feature at their discretion. So, we can expect the Rollerdrome multiplayer mode to be rolled out with time, though we cannot pinpoint the exact date as the official announcement has not been made.

Once this happens, we will be sure to make you among the first to know. For now, you can enjoy the game in the regular single-player mode, and from the gist that is making rounds in gaming communities, the single-player mode is awesome enough to make players not crave the multiplayer mode.

We will bring more updates on this as they are released, all you need to do to be kept in the loop is stay in touch with Vabsaga. Also, kindly share this article with friends and everyone.


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