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RPCS3 Best Settings for High-End PC in 2022

The majority of gamers own a low/mid-end PC to satisfy their gaming needs. However, with the current surge of new and exciting games that require a high-end PC to run, many players have already made their move and switched to a new and advanced system. With that being said, the open-source emulator RPCS3 has been struggling to run on low-end PCs but surprisingly it has failed to perform flawlessly on high-end systems as well. So, in this article, we will be featuring the best settings in RPCS3 for high-end PCs in 2022. Here’s everything you need to know.

As per many reports by RPCS3 users, the emulator fails to recognize the GPU available on a system and runs very poorly. Although we have featured a guide on fixing the issue, there is no guarantee that those methods will work. So, to be sure that RPCS3 is running at max performance on your high-end PC, you must apply the best settings available on the emulator. Luckily, RPCS3 features a ton of settings to customize the gaming experience and we are going to tweak some of them to ensure that you get the best FPS possible. For more details, continue reading.


RPCS3 Best Settings for High-End PC in 2022

So, to apply the Best Settings in RPCS3 for High-End PCs, you will have to access the Config option first. After this, the Settings menu will appear. Here, apply the given settings.


PPU Decoder– Recompiler(LLVM)
SPU Decoder– Recompiler(LLVM)
SPU Block Size– Safe/Mega
Enable SPU Loop Detection– ON


Renderer– Vulkan
Graphics Device– Geforce/AMD Card
FrameLimit– 60
Anisotropic Filtering- 8x
 Resolution– 1280×720
Resolution Scale– 300%
Enable FSR Upscaling– ON
RCAS Sharpening Strength– 92%
Vsync– ON
Stretch To Display Area– ON
Multithreaded RSX– ON
Asynchronous Texture Streaming– ON

Hit the Apply button below to save the settings and exit the RPCS3 emulator. Now, head to Nvidia Control Panel and access the 3D Manage Settings option. Here, go to Program Settings and click on Add. Find the rpcs3.exe file and then select High-Performance Nvidia GPU under the Select the Preferred Graphics Processor for this Program option. After doing so, hit apply and exit. Now, launch the RPCS3 emulator, and then you will get max performance on your High-end PC.

So, these were the best settings in RPCS3 for your high-end PC in 2022. For more such guides and information on newly released titles, make sure to visit Vabsaga.


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