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RPCS3: How to Go Full Screen?

Do you want to play PlayStation games but you don’t have a PS3 console? That’s where RPCS3 comes in. RPCS3 is a free open-source video game emulator. It also serves as a debugger for PS3 and is compatible with Microsoft Windows, macOS, FreeBSD, and Linux. Many gamers have been using the emulator with little to no issues, while many others need a navigation guide, to fully understand features like the full-screen mode. That is why in this article, it is necessary we discuss how to go full screen on RPCS3.

RPCS3: How to Go Full Screen?
RPCS3: How to Go Full Screen?

Playing a video game on any device or console is fun no doubt, but it feels like a waste of screen size if the game isn’t displayed on full screen. What’s more, most games have at least a feature or are more limited when played on any mode other than a full screen. Let’s now get into details on how to run games on full screen on RPCS3.

 RPCS3: How to Go Full Screen?

Most PS3 games on RPCS3 run on 1280 X 720 resolution, and not all the games are compatible with the software. Nevertheless, we recommend you use Windowed Fullscreen mode when playing games on RPCS3. There are other ways to switch to full screen on RPCS3, and we will break them down in a moment.

Method 1) Use Keyboard Shortcuts

The first and quickest way to switch to fullscreen is by using the PC keyboard shortcuts. You can simply press the F11 key to broaden and switch to the full-screen mode. Alternatively, if the F11 key does not enable the full screen, another shortcut to use is the Alt+Enter combo. This is done by pressing the Alt key and Enter key together. Should you get tired of the fullscreen, simply press the Esc key. This has been confirmed to work by many RPCS3 users. If the shortcuts do not work, there is still another option.

Method 2) Use the Fullscreen Button

This option comes with the RPCS3 platform. To use it, navigate to the main RPCS3 window that displays the list of games and other options, and then click on the Fullscreen icon. This option can be used even while the game is running, so you don’t have to exit the game and start again. The only issue raised by players is that it sometimes makes the game window bigger without covering the taskbar. You can fix this by setting your taskbar display to temporary, so it only comes up when you drag your cursor in its vicinity.

Hope this helped you enjoy your PS3 game in fullscreen on RPCS3. Stay in touch with Vabsaga for more updates, and kindly share this article with friends. Have a splendid time.


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