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RPCS3: How to Install & Play Games

RPCS3 is a free-to-use PS3 emulator that was developed for running PlayStation 3 games on a PC that is made available on FreeBSD, macOS, Linux, and Windows. In this article, we will be looking at how to install and play games on RPCS3.

RPCS3: How to Install & Play Games
RPCS3: How to Install & Play Games

RPCS3 has made it possible for gamers to play PS3 games on their PC with many cool features including full-screen display, and contrary to what many say, it is perfectly legal. Let’s walk you through how to install and play games on the platform.

RPCS3: How to Install & Play Games

To install RPCS3 on your PC, diligently follow these steps;

Step 1) Download and Install Emulator

The first step is to go to the official website of RPCS3 to download the emulator. As earlier stated, RPCS3 operates on Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, and macOS. Since the Windows version is available as a Zip folder, you’ll have to extract the already downloaded folder. You do not have to manually install the file; all you need to do is to double-click on the .exe file after extracting. Visit here to download.

Step 2) Set up RPCS3

The next step is to set up RPCS3. Once you double-click on the RPCS3.exe file, you will see a pop-up window bearing the Quick start guide, so simply follow the prompt.

Step 3) Download PlayStation 3 Firmware

The next step is to download the PS3 Firmware. To download the PlayStation 3 Firmware, you have to visit the official PlayStation website. To locate the PlayStation 3 firmware, you’ll have to follow these steps.

1) When you open the PlayStation homepage in your browser, click “Support” and then choose “Support” from the drop-down option that displays.

2) Click on the “Hardware & Repairs” button on the following page.

3) Select the PlayStation 3 button and click on System Update.

4) Now, click on the Download PS3 Update button.

5) After downloading, launch RPCS3 and select “File” on the menu bar and click on “Install Firmware”.

6) Go to the directory where the PS3 Firmware file is downloaded and select it.

RPCS3 will now install all the important files and tell you when the installation process is complete.

Step 4) Download and Install a Game on RPCS3

To install a game, follow this procedure:

1) The first step is to download the game’s file and don’t forget to check if the game is playable on RPCS3’s compatibility website.

2) The next step is to install the game, by clicking on the File option. Now, select the Boot Game option.

3) Next, head to the directory where the PS3 game is installed and select the game folder. After this, the emulator will start compiling the PPU modules required to run the game.

Step 5) How to Play a Game on RPCS3

Here’s how to play the game you installed.

1) You can get keyboard equivalents for all of your gamepad buttons by selecting “Pads” in your RPCS3.

2) By selecting the proper option from the same location, Xbox and other “XInput” controllers are also supported.

3) Enable the Anti-Aliasing feature for better game graphics and enhanced details. You can also increase the resolution scale to better graphics. Once all this is done, simply click on the Game that you wish to play from the main menu, and you are all set.

Hope this guide helped with everything. Kindly share this article with friends, and stay in touch with Vabsaga for more updates.


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