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RPCS3 Save File Location & More Details

The RPCS3 emulator serves as a debugger for Sony’s PlayStation 3 and is a popular open-source emulator for playing PS3 games. It is currently available for Linux, macOS, FreeBSD, and Microsoft Windows. RPCS3 is compatible with over 2000 games available for the PS3 console. As awesome as the emulator is, many users do not know their way around it. It is then necessary for us to throw more light on the emulator, especially sharing details on the save file location of the RPCS3 emulator every user should get used to. Well, we will do just that and more in the course of this article. Read on for further details.

RPCS3 Save File Location & More Details
RPCS3 Save File Location & More Details

RPCS3 has become increasingly popular ever since its public release in 2012. However, you must ensure that your PC meets the basic requirements before installing RPCS3, which is not much by the way. It is very understandable many RPCS 3 users might say that they are not very conversant with the platform and how it works, mainly because it is technically a merge of the PS3 console and PC. However, the saved file location of the RPCS3 emulator should be known to all and is in fact easier to find and explore than you may think. Let’s show you how to go about it and all the details you should know.

RPCS3 Save File Location & More Details

Did you know that most technical steps are easier to run in practice than they sound? Getting to know and explore the Save File Location for RPCS3 belongs in that category. Let’s get to it right away.

1) The first thing to do is open your File Manager, then navigate to the directory where the RPCS3 emulator is stored and click it open.

2) Now, scroll down to the dev_hdd0 folder, click it open, and then open the Home folder. The folder displayed will be named 000001, or any set of numbers.

3) You will now see the SaveData folder. Click it open and you will see the saved games.

4) This should take less than a minute as it is pretty easy. The shortcut or pathway for the Save File Location is \RPCS3\dev_hdd0\home\savedata.

We hope that was easy and straightforward enough. You can ensure you do not miss similar updates like this as well. All you need to do is stay in touch with Vabsaga. Also, your friends might be seeking solutions to this, so kindly share this article with them and in your gaming communities as well. Have a great time exploring PS3 video games on the RPCS3 emulator.


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