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Rumbleverse high ping issue troubling many players: Is there any fix yet

Ping and latency are the two most important aspects when playing an online game like Rumbleverse. Being a BR title, if you experience even the slightest delay in your network connection while fighting enemies, it could turn the whole fight into a nightmare for you. Well, Rumbleverse players are facing high ping issues in the game which is not an ideal situation. So, in this article, we will be sharing all the details about this issue and discussing if there is an official fix for it yet. Also, we have shared some really simple workarounds that might fix this issue for you. So, consider reading this article till the end.

If you like BR games but are bored of the conventional BR titles like PUBG, Apex Legends, or Fortnite, then a game that you should try is Rumbleverse. Well, you might think, what’s so unique about this BR title, right? In this game, instead of using guns to bring your opponents down, you make use of melee attacks. Punches, kicks, and throws are your best friends in this game. You can fight duels with the enemy head-on and use various strategies to win against them. However, if you don’t get low ping or latency, then things will not be easy for you. A lot of players have shared that they are facing high ping issues in Rumbleverse, causing them to fight with the disadvantage. So, is there a fix released for this issue yet? Continue reading for more details.


Rumbleverse high ping issue troubling many players: Is there any fix yet

Unfortunately, the devs have not acknowledged this issue in Rumbleverse. They are currently busy fixing other bugs and issues in the game including mid-match disconnects, removing cheaters from the game, and speeding up the matchmaking time. However, we believe that once these are fixed, then the devs might focus on fixing the high ping issue that many players are facing. Also, there is no guarantee that a fix will be released, so we might have to wait for a long time. Meanwhile, you can try our workarounds for this issue-

1) Get a wired connection

Using a wired connection increases your network stability which is why we suggest you get an ethernet cable. This should reduce the in-game ping.

2) Check the server status of the game

If an upcoming server maintenance update is scheduled, you might face high ping issues in the game. So, always check the official Rumbleverse Support Twitter page for more details on the server status of the game and upcoming server maintenance updates.

3) Contact customer support

You can also contact the official Rumbleverse team to share the issue with them. All you need to do is simply head here and raise a support ticket for the same.

Currently, these are the workarounds we have for the high ping issue in Rumbleverse. Once we get official updates on the problem, we will update this article accordingly. For more such guides, you must visit Vabsaga.


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