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Satisfactory game: How to use Truck Station?

Coffee Stain Studios has recently released Update 8 for Satisfactory on the Experimental branch. With this new update, we are one step closer to the 1.0 release of the game. Now, thanks to all the updates and content drops over the years, the game is starting to seem like a tough challenge for newcomers. But as with any other game, guides are here to rescue them. And so, let’s start with one about Truck Stations.

Transport is one very critical aspect of factory-sim games. Like Factorio, Satisfactory’s factories are dependent on the proper supply of resources and items. Without any proper transportation, you will be looking at one giant, failed structure. Rails, drones, trucks, hypertubes, and such are all important transport modes in Satisfactory. As such, it’s important that players learn about their transport-related buildings too. The Truck Station is one such building in the game. So, how do you properly use it? Let’s find out!


Satisfactory game: How to use Truck Station?

Unlocked at Tier 3, the Truck Station is a vehicle building that can be used to “either send or receive resources from vehicles.” It can transfer up to 120 stacks per minute to and from a docked vehicle while also being capable of refueling vehicles, provided it has access to a matching fuel type. To build one, you will need a 15x Modular Frame, 20x Rotor, and 50x Cable.

As explained earlier, the Truck Station is best paired with Trucks for an automated truck route. Now, if your path exceeds the 1000-meter distance, we suggest you ditch the automated vehicle setup and instead go with a Double-Rail Train Network. Furthermore, trucks aren’t the answer to everything. You will eventually realize that their inventory, speed, and size are hindrances to your factory’s efficiency. This isn’t to say that they are completely useless. It’s just that they aren’t made for high-volume transport. Especially during late-game shenanigans.

Now, if you are using Truck Stations, then make sure those stations have power running to them. That should be your number one priority when it comes to Truck Stations. Also, ensure that fuel is going to those buildings. Don’t forget to add a conveyor belt to the stations, so that they can load and unload items. To make an automated path, get into your truck and then drive the entire route. Do remember to record the path, though. Name the path, save it, and turn autopilot on to start the automated vehicle route operation. Anyway, we hope that this guide has been of help to you. For more guides like this, check out VabSaga daily.


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