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SCP: Secret Files Controller Support: Is It Available

Many fans have been making inquiries about SCP: Secret Files and if it supports controller input. If you have been asking the same, you have landed at the right place. The debate of which input mode is better between controllers and keyboard/mouse may not be ending anytime soon. However, it remains clear that it all boils down to individual gamer preference and what input method the game in question supports. Gamers who prefer keyboard and mouse input can outline lots of perks that come with using those, from the many keys available on PC to faster mouse navigation.

This does not in any way invalidate the many advantages that come with gaming using a controller. Controllers may have fewer buttons but these can be configured to perform multiple actions depending on the game. Also, controllers can perform tasks with controlled intensity, depending on how long a button is pressed. For instance, pushing the analog or thumbstick forward can make a game character gradually go from walking to sprinting. Moreover, controllers are better for motion and in-game camera rotation, and they look cool too.

SCP: Secret Files Controller Support: Is It Available
SCP: Secret Files Controller Support: Is It Available

SCP: Secret Files is an adventure video game with splashes of horror. Players take on the role of assistant researcher for Dr. Raymond Hamm in the SCP Foundation, a clandestine organization tasked with handling paranormal anomalies. You will be made to undergo a cryptic induction process that explains the supernatural nature of your tasks. The game was developed and published by GameZoo Studio and Pixmain respectively and is currently available for PC. As much as there are awesome features in the game we would like to discuss, let’s focus on the main topic.

SCP: Secret Files Controller Support: Is It Available

The fact that the game is only available for PC currently sheds some light on the question at hand. Apart from the obvious features of the game, controller support is currently not available. That is not to say it will never be available as there have been official announcements that the game will be made available for consoles in 2023. By then, the controller support feature will most likely be added to the PC version of the game. We will bring you more updates on this from official sources as they are rolled out.

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