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Sea of Thieves: How To Set Up Mic (Windows 11)?

Sea of Thieves Season 8 sails out on November 22 to PC and Xbox Consoles. Players are excited to see what new rewards and content the game has in store for them. Rare has done an excellent job of supporting the game by rolling out regular content updates and we hope that they continue to do so. Especially since the online pirate sim market is so barren with next to no titles.

What makes Sea of Thieves enjoyable are the fun interactions you experience with your crew and other pirates. And those interactions are made possible due to the Voice chat features present in the game. Plus, due to the nature of the gameplay, it is critical to have good crew coordination. And if nothing else, it’s just damn fun. Sea of Thieves is best enjoyed with friends, so voice communication is necessary. But how do you set up your mic for Voice chat? And that too in Windows 11? Worry not, matey!! We will share everything.

Sea of Thieves: How To Set Up Mic (Windows 11)?
Sea of Thieves: How To Set Up Mic (Windows 11)?

Sea of Thieves: How to Set Up Mic (Windows 11)?

To start, you need to log in to the game and open the game options menu by pressing the Esc key. Select the Audio Settings option to check the Audio Output mode. You can also tune the options to your preference. Additionally, ensure that the “Push to Talk” option is not toggled on. Next, go to the Sound settings of Windows 11 by clicking on the Sound icon, located at the bottom right corner of the Taskbar. Make sure the input and output options are set as your primary input/output device.

After selecting the right ones, go to Microphone Privacy Settings. You can access it by searching it via the search bar. Check if you have your “Microphone access” toggled On. Also, see if the “Let apps access your microphone” option is on and if the Xbox app has access to your mic. Same as before, make sure that “Let desktop apps access to your microphone” and Mic “Sea of Thieves” are on. You can also go to the Xbox app, open it, and select the Audio settings, to confirm both input and output are selected.

The process can be somewhat long but it is worth the hassle. We hope that you are now able to set up your mic and enjoy Sea of Thieves with friends. Do check out Vabsaga for updates on gaming and tech. Also, take a look at this Subnautica guide if you want less lag and high fps. Game on!


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