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Steam Deck Dock not working: How to fix it?

The Docking Station released for the Steam Deck provides a seamless experience for players who want to enjoy their games on the big screen, rather than the 7-inch display of the Deck. It is a simple device that features a bunch of ports to ensure a secured connection between the Steam Deck and an external device, like a TV. Well, contrary to many beliefs, the Docking Station doesn’t provide any performance enhancements to the Steam Deck, only charging and connectivity. With that being said, a bunch of players who bought the recently launched Docking Station for their handheld has been facing numerous errors, one being the device not working at all. So, this guide features some potential fixes that might come in handy when encountering the said issues.

Since the Steam Deck is a compact handheld device, playing on a smaller screen can be boring after a while. So, to spice up things, you may want to connect your monitor, TV, or external peripherals to it for a better experience. Although you can do it via the Deck itself, the Docking Station is somewhat more feature rich. It has a ton of ports, so you don’t have to use adapters for every single device you use while gaming. Once connected, you will feel the difference. But, what if your Dock stops working? Well, we have you covered.


Steam Deck Dock not working: How to fix it?

The Docking Station of Steam Deck is a new device and the devs have stated that it will be getting updates regularly. Nevertheless, users who bought the device have reported that sometimes it doesn’t work. So, is there any fix yet? Yes, there is and we shared all the details here.

1) Reset Docking Station

Well, this is rather a simple step and doesn’t require much to be done. All you need to do is disconnect every peripheral attached to the dock. After this, unplug the power supply. Now, plug every back in, and the issue should be fixed.

2) Update Steam Deck

If you are unable to get any output from your TV/Monitor while your Steam Deck is connected to the Docking Station, then there is a possibility that your device needs to be updated. For this, simply tap the Steam option at the bottom of the screen, then head to the System Tab. Here, find the option that says Software Updates, and click on it. After the update is downloaded, restart your Steam Deck, and then connect the Dock. It should work now.

3) Update Docking Station

If you get a prompt about an update for your Docking Station after connecting it to your Steam Deck, make sure to tap on Apply instead of Skip Update. Once the update is applied, the docking station will work just fine.

4) Enable Sleep Mode

Well, if the Docking Station fails to work or doesn’t detect the external peripheral attached, consider putting your handheld device to sleep and then disconnecting the Dock. Now, start it again and connect the Dock.

So, these are the workarounds you need to follow to get your Docking Station working again. If you found this guide helpful, make sure to stay tuned with us on Vabsaga.


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