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Steam: Most Expensive Game On Steam In 2021?

Steam, the popular library has been one of the best sources for gaming needs. The library started off initially as a software client back in September 2003 for Valve. It used to provide updates automatically for games under Valve. Later enough, Steam started expanding, where the digital library, therefore, started including games from external sources (or third-party publishers). The library has evolved ever since and is now one of the most reliable sources for getting new games or keeping it updated with the latest versions, DLCs, etc.

Steam has been a platform, where major gaming studios and developers started releasing the game in the digital library. With this, many people across the globe have got the chance to pre-order and eventually buy gaming titles. People often look forward to the sales Steam organises, where major games are sold at a reduced price. Along with this, Steam has also got a Workshop. Here, the Workshop provides a platform for many people. and even developers to bring game mods. Along with this, the Workshop has got other files like Wallpapers, which you can download on your system. But most of the games need financial transactions. Often at times, paying for these games is not easy, and that’s why a lot of people look forward to sales.

But which is the most expensive game on Steam in 2021? Read this article to find out the price tag of this game.

Steam: Most Expensive Game

The most expensive game in Steam is the Ascent Free-Roaming VR Experience. The game is designed for Virtual Reality, where the developers promise to provide a premium VR experience to gamers. For this game, the developers recommend people to have a space of 10mx10m for a high-level gaming experience. But before you plan to try out this game, wait till you get the price tag.

As it stands, for people using Steam in India, the Ascent Free-Roaming VR Experience (Server Edition) is for INR Rs 80,000! That’s USD $1,075.69 (looking at the exchange rate). This is by far, the most expensive game in Steam, in 2021.


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