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Stray Game Crashing with LowLevelFatal Error for Many Users: How to Fix It?

Stray is an interesting game no doubt, judging from the positive reviews the game has gotten since its release for PS4, PS5, and Microsoft Windows on July 19 2022 by Blue Twelve Studio and Annapurna Interactive. However, Stray has its own issues like every other video. Developers do their best to prevent these errors, but they do come up while gamers are trying to enjoy the game. Good thing there are fixes to most of these issues and we will discuss some of them here. In the course of this article, we will walk you through the steps to take should you run into the LowLevelFatal error in Stray that causes the game to crash.

Stray Game Crashing with LowLevelFatal Error for Many Users: How to Fix It?

Stray Game Crashing with LowLevelFatal Error for Many Users: How to Fix It?

Here are some steps to take should the Stray Game Crashing with LowLevelFatal Error comes up. You can move on to the next step should the previous step doesn’t work for you.

Step 1) Restart Your PC

A simple restart fo your PC fixes a wide range of glitches and errors as it clears them in the process. This should be the first step when you encounter this error. If it persists, head over to the next step.

Step 2) Put -d3d11 or -dx11 or -dx12 in the launch options

1) Launch Steam and navigate to the Stray game.

2) Right-click on it and select ‘Properties’.

3) Go to ‘Launch options’ on the right side of the screen and input d3d11, or -dx11, or -dx12.

4) Launch the game. Try each command and check which one fixes the error for you.

Step 3) Launch Oculus app

1) Install the Oculus app.

2) Launch the app and then launch the game. This might fix the issue.

Step 4) Fix for Windows 7 users

This step is exclusive to Windows 7 users.

1) First, go here.

2) Download and extract the dxvk-1.10.2.tar.gz file via WinRAR.

3) Copy all the files present in the x64 folder.

4) Paste the files in this location on Steam using this pathway SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Stray\Hk_project\Binaries\Win64.

5) Launch the game.

Step 5) Do a clean installation of the graphics driver

1) Go to Nvidia or AMD website, depending on which card you are using.

2) Select the right graphics card and OS.

3) Click ‘Start Search’.

4) Scroll to the result for the latest drivers and Click on download.

5) Download and install the latest drivers. Once the installation is complete, launch the game.

Step 6) Delete the saved game files

Before you start, be informed this step will wipe your game progress.

1) Open File Explorer.

2) Open the Documents folder found in your C drive.

3) Right-click on the Stray game folder.

4) Select Delete and then launch the game.

Step 7) Allow the game .exe file to your antivirus program

1) Open Windows Settings.

2) Select ‘Update and Security’.

3) Open Windows Security.

4) Select ‘Virus and Threat Protection’.

5) Scroll to ‘Manage Ransomware Protection’.

6) Select ‘Yes’ on clicking ‘Allow an app through controlled folder access’.

7) Browse to the folder where the game is installed and click the game’s .exe file to add it to the allowed apps.

8) Next, navigate to the System Control Panel.

9) Open ‘System and Security’, click ‘Windows Defender’, and select ‘Allow an app through Windows Defender’.

10) Go to ‘Change Settings’, then ‘Add Another App’. Now, browse to the game’s installation folder, and select the now saved .exe file.

11) Launch the game.

Step 8) Run the game on the dedicated graphics card

1) Open Windows Graphics Settings and select ‘Browse’.

2) Go to the Game installation folder and select the game’s .exe file.

3) Select ‘add’, then ‘high performance’, and save changes.

4) Launch the game.

Step 9) Verify the game files

1) Go to the Steam library and right-click on the game.

2) Select ‘Properties’ and then ‘manage option’.

3) Scroll to the ‘Local files’ tab and click on ‘Verify Integrity of Game Files’.

4) A scan will start to look for corrupted files in the game. After it is complete, launch the game.

Step 10) Run the game as an administrator

1) Open Steam, head to the Library, right-click on the game, and select ‘Properties’.

2) Click on ‘Browse local file’ under the Manage menu to access the game installation folder.

3) Right-click on the game’s .exe file.

4) Select ‘Properties’, then head to the Compatibility tab.

5) Select ‘Run as Administrator’, then launch the game.

Step 11) Disable Steam Overlay and Close apps

1) Head to the Steam Library, right-click on the game, and select ‘Properties’.

2) Unmark or uncheck the ‘Enable Steam Overlay while in game’ box.

3) Close every other app and software running like Discord, Xbox GameBar, etc.

4) Open the System Configuration menu.

5) Select services and mark ‘hide Microsoft services’, then disable all unnecessary services.

Step 12) Install Visual C++ Files

1) Go to the Microsoft website to download and install the latest Microsoft Visual C++ files.

2) Download x86 and x64 versions of the files.

3) Click on either the Repair or Install option that comes up.

4) Click ‘Restart’ after the installation is complete.

Step 13) Update your Windows

1) Open Windows Update and Security.

2) Select ‘Search for Update’.

3) Restart the system after the installation is completed.

Step 14) Disconnect multiple monitors

If your PC is connected to multiple monitors, then make sure to disconnect them along with any other USB devices that are not in use. Also, make sure that your CPU or GPU is not overclocked or undervolted.

Step 15) Lower the in-game graphics settings and disable V sync

1) Launch the game and go to Settings.

2) Go to Graphics.

3) Reduce the resolution and increase the max frame rate limit.

4) Uncheck V sync.

5) Apply the changed settings and the error should be fixed.

Step 16) Reinstall the game

If you have come this far and the error still exists, you will have to uninstall and reinstall the game. This time, save it in a different drive, just in case the previous drive it was installed in was the issue. You can also try a different HDD or SSD.

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