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Subnautica Below Zero No Audio Or Voices Issue (2022): How To Fix It

One of the fascinating features of any video game is its Audio and Sound effects. Some have background theme songs while the audio in others is based on the actions occurring in the game. These range from gunfire, clashing of swords, or underwater swimming sounds in the case of Subnautica Below Zero. It then becomes frustrating when the in-game audio stops working at all. If you have been wondering what to do should you encounter no audio or voice issue in Subnautica Below Zero, you are on the right page.

Subnautica Below Zero No Audio Or Voices Issue (2022): How To Fix It
Subnautica Below Zero No Audio Or Voices Issue (2022): How To Fix It

Subnautica: Below Zero is awesome no doubt but like every other video game, it is prone to errors and glitches. The audio and voice issue is just one of many errors that players have encountered but the good news is most of these can be fixed with relative ease. Let’s focus on the main topic.

Subnautica Below Zero No Audio Or Voices Issue (2022): How To Fix It

There are lots of possible fixes for the issue and they mostly depend on the root cause. So finding or tracing the reason for the lack of sound or partial sound in some segments and in the game will make resolving the problem much easier. This may not be an easy task, so we recommend you try out these steps one after the other till you get the one that resolves the issue satisfactorily. Here are the steps to try.

Step 1) Reboot Your System/Game

Of course, this is the first recourse for every game-related issue. Rebooting has been proven over time to overwrite glitches and errors. So, reboot whatever system you are playing the game on and confirm if the audio is fixed. If the issue is still noticeable, try the next step.

Step 2) Update Windows

The perk of updating Windows is that it automatically updates all your drivers, including Audio drivers. Here is how to go about it.

  • First, navigate to settings and then scroll over to Windows Update.
  • Then scroll down and click on ‘Check for Windows Update’
  • Now, wait for the latest windows patch to download and install, then launch the game and check the audio.

Step 3) Check Audio Configuration

There are instances where this could be caused by the sound mixer being incorrectly set. To confirm or correct this, follow these steps.

  • Start by launching the game and any other application.
  • Then press Alt + Tab or Windows + D to go back to the home screen.
  • Now click on the Sound Icon and then Volume Mixer, then ensure the game volume is increased to full output.

Step 4) Reinstall the game

You can reinstall the game to make sure there are no issues with the game files. However, before trying this, you must keep a backup of your save files, otherwise, you will need to start from scratch again. You can also try verifying your game files via Steam in case the issue persists.

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