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The First Descendant Game Characters List & More

Having prior knowledge of characters and their special skills if they possess any, informs potential players and veterans on what to expect when playing the game. Also, making the characters list and their capabilities public before the release of a new game helps hype the anticipation while letting players know which character to focus on that fits compatible with their gaming skills. With these reasons in mind, we will discuss the list of characters that are featured in the upcoming game, The First Descendant & more in this article. First, let’s have a brief rundown of the game.

The First Descendant Game Characters List & More
The First Descendant Game Characters List & More

The First Descendant is an action RPG shooter video game being developed and to be published by NEXON Games and NEXON Korea respectively. Players take on the roles of descendants of powerful ancestors to protect humans. The game will be released for the Windows PC platform. Well, now let’s discuss the characters in the game.

The First Descendant Game Characters List & More

Here are the characters and bits of info about them-

1) Viessa

Viessa is a debuffer with the ability to freeze or immobilize enemies with water in the atmosphere. She can also do this with cold air. Definitely a must-use character.

2) Jayber

Jayber is a Utility Dealer. He is an interesting character with the ability to summon turrets for recovery and assault, making him indispensable in battle.

3) Sharen

By the time the enemies see her up close, it’s already too late as she’s a close-range dealer with camouflage abilities and can even shock enemies with their abilities. She also has a high-tech mechanical body.

4) Gley

Another utility dealer, but with a twist. She gets stronger the more she consumes herself with a deep-seated rage and is known to defeat enemies with alarming quickness.

5) Blair

Enemies should be careful while surrounding this DoT Dealer. He allows enemies to think he’s getting captured and when they have surrounded him enough, he flares up with enough flames to burn everyone around.

6) Bunny

She is basically a walking nuclear and electric attacker with the role of Nuker. She has to run around a lot to build up electric power, so don’t be too surprised if you see her sprinting around in the heat of battle.

7) Freyna

Freyna just like Blair is a DoT dealer. Her specialty is the tweaking and administration of poisonous substances, having survived a poison terror attack herself.

8) Lepic

Lepic is very similar to ULT Lepic as they both share the skill of brute force and grenade lobbing while fighting with their unique artificial arms. Lepic is an AoE dealer.

9) Ajax

Ajax is a tank dealer who returned alive from the void. He is an expert in manipulating physical space while reflecting attacks from enemies.

10) Ultimate Lepic

Sometimes displayed as ULT Lepic, the AoE dealer relies on brute power on the battlefield with his unique right arm. He becomes more powerful as he levels up with the Ancestors with the prosthetic right arm and cool grenade.

That’s it on the characters list on The First Descendant. Kindly share this article with friends, and stay in touch with Vabsaga for more gaming news and updates. Have a great time.


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