Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Players Trolled By Loot

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Players Trolled By Loot

Wonderland hero Tina faces a dragon with a crossbow.

Screenshot: Fun with gearbox

Loot shooter series Border is about one minute you pick up a shiny new weapon and the next you drop it for something more powerful. Tiny Tiny’s Wonderlands continues this trend, but with a few added wrinkles that can end up trolling unsuspecting players who don’t pay enough attention.

Loot is a game with numbers and like past items, Tiny Tiny’s Wonderlands it will throw so much new loot at you that it’s not even worth looking at each piece separately. One of the biggest ways to optimize a grind is to simply pile up the most powerful things you can find and then throw the rest in a slot machine. The game knows this and in two subtle ways, one clever developer nod, the other random bug, will force you to pay for autopilot.

Tiny Tiny's Wonderlands screenshot shows that players with weapons are currently unable to advance to a level high enough to equip themselves.

It is not uncommon, for example, to be so ruthless in junk that in the end you will only have weapons that are above your current power limit. I played each Border and at some point I always manage to get an arsenal full of amazing weapons that separate me only two or three levels from being able to really equip them. in Tiny Tiny’s Wonderlandshowever, players have discovered some weapons that simply cannot be equipped.

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The current game level limit is 40, but players have already seen a drop in loot above this limit (over GamesRadar). “Isn’t that hat 40?” sent one player on Tiny Tinauser subreddit. “I feel cheated.” I want to cry. “Another shared a screenshot from a level 43 submachine gun called” Burging Blazing Volley of the Churning Void, “which caused massive burns. Elegant! Alas.” Damn, you started working on next month’s expansion. ” someone answered.

Tiny Tiny's Wonderlands screenshot shows an antique bow changing from priceless to junk.

Some players are already actually accumulating impossible loot in their vaults until Gearbox eventually raises the game limit. The cause of the prey seems to be a bug, and while Gearbox outlined four upcoming DLC ​​extensions for Wonderlandthere is currently no road map to show when it will arrive first.

Elsewhere, players saw a more deliberate troll: an expensive weapon that loses its value when fired. “He shot the gun without reading the description,” wrote the player who found it and Reddit. “Safe to say, I trolled.” If that seems too good to be true, it usually is. ”Another player wrote in response:“ Mental note: Be extremely careful about anything marked as “antique”.

Of course WonderlandThe biggest troll of all is that the text is too small to read any of it. Well played, gearbox.