Today's Wordle is already breaking stripes

Today’s Wordle is already breaking stripes

The current Wordle will frustrate many players. Players bang their heads against walls because of the current Wordle puzzle. “Wordle 293 X” is trending early in the morning on Twitter, which doesn’t bode well for players who haven’t dug into today’s word puzzle. We’ll dig deeper into today’s Wordle puzzle later in the article, for those looking for hints or clues. However, if you haven’t completed the puzzle yet, you may not want to scroll down to the bottom of the article as we’ll be discussing the answer eventually.

For those who somehow missed the Wordle craze thus far, the rules of the game are simple: players have six attempts to guess a five-letter word. Players are given clues based on which letters share their guess with the correct word. A yellow shaded letter means that the letter is also in the correct word, but in a different letter location. A green shaded letter means that the letter appears in the same place in the correct word.

On average, it takes Wordle players about 4 tries to correctly guess a daily puzzle, although a few puzzles can be significantly trickier. This past week has seen some tricky puzzles, with FOUND breaking streaks due to sharing a 4-letter word ending with several other words, and NYMPH dodging players due to the lack of a traditional vowel.

So, what about today’s Wordle? Today’s puzzle brings the game back to its most frustrating recurring problem. Today’s Wordle shares the placement of four letters with seven other words, several of which are very common. Players should be able to get most of the letters in the right place, but they will likely have to choose between several possible correct answers with only a few slots left. Once players get those four letters in the right place, it becomes a guessing game, and that can quickly become frustrating for players, especially if they only have a few tries left.

Still stuck on today’s Wordle puzzle? The answer to Wordle 293 is…TO SCARE.

Let us know if you got today’s Wordle puzzle in the comment section, and if you managed to match our score by getting it in three tries!