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Torchlight Infinite Controller & Gamepad Support: Is It Available?

Controllers or gamepads as they are called by some gamers seem to be the default and most popular input for playing video games on gaming platforms with the exception of mobile iOS and Android devices. This makes it relatable when players ask if a recently released game with no controller support feature will have the feature added sooner than later. That being said, in the course of this article, we will discuss details of whether Torchlight Infinite has support for controller & gamepad, and the availability of this feature in the game. Before we get to that, let’s discuss the details of the game to lend context to the importance of the feature.

Torchlight Infinite Controller & Gamepad Support: Is It Available?
Torchlight Infinite Controller & Gamepad Support: Is It Available?

Torchlight: infinite ARPG video game developed and published by Xindong Network or XD Inc. Players take on the role of heroes who are tasked with suppressing darkness in the land of Leptis. The game features loots, extravagant boss fights, and very flexible character building and customization. Let’s now launch into the details of whether controller and gamepad support is available in the game.

Torchlight Infinite Controller & Gamepad Support: Is It Available?

As you must have already known, Torchlight: Infinite is available for Android, iOS, and also PC. Although players can use touch controls or keyboard/mouse controls to play the game, controller or gamepad support is a much-needed feature. So, does the game support controller or gamepad? The unfortunate but straight answer to that is a big No. But the story does not end here as there is good news on the horizon. Questions about the game having controller support have been raised on the game’s official forums, and on one of those occasions, the development team replied by stating that the gamepad support feature is on their to-do list.

This information was conveyed by one of the developers of the game, so we are looking at a sure availability of controller/gamepad support for the game, in the near future. It should be noted that although gamepad support was announced, no mention was made specifying it would be for mobile devices or PC. Also, the precise date that the feature will be rolled out was not announced, but there is hope. Whenever an official release date is announced, we will make sure you are among the first people to hear about it.

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