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Trivago App notifications not working: How to fix it?

It is a no-brainer that Trivago is the best place to search and book hotels while comparing prices from over 1 million hotels. And the Trivago App is your final stop for the cheapest and best hotel bookings across 50 countries worldwide. The best personal holiday planner out there at your fingertips. Trivago app is specially designed to keep the interface user-friendly and seamless to use. However, sometimes you might face issues of not receiving notifications.

Whether you’re using an Android or Ios, resolving the issues of notifications not working is very simple. You can troubleshoot the issue by following these simple steps:-

For Android users:-

1.  Try Restarting your phone and check whether the data connection is enabled– Generally, Rebooting the phone refreshes and fixes all the minor glitches. Check whether airplane or Do not Disturb mode is disabled and the data connection is turned on.

2. Check Permissions and Trivago app notifications

Check whether App notifications are enabled from Settings > Apps > Trivago > Notifications. You can also check the permissions granted to your Trivago app from here.

3. Update Trivago App and System Updates for your phone– Usually outdated system software or apps are the main culprits. Update your Trivago App from PlayStore > Trivago > Update. And Update to your latest system software from Settings > System > System Updates. Updating to the latest versions will fix the issue of the notifications.

4. Clearing Trivago App cache– Continuous usage of any app accumulates some cache files and temporary data. It is advisable to clear your Trivago app cache and data from Settings > Apps > Trivago > Storage & Cache > Clear Cache and User data and restart your phone.

For iOS users, the following are the troubleshoot to fix the issues regarding notifications:-

1. Restart your phone and check your cellular connection and Wifi– The basic rule to fix most of the issues in a smartphone is to restart the device and check for an active cellular connection or Wifi.

2. Enable your Notifications– From your settings > Notifications > Tap the Show Previews Tab from the top > Set it to “Always.” This will make you always show previews of your notifications on your iPhone.

3. Specifically enable notifs for Trivago app– You can enable notifications specifically for an app from this method. Go to Notifications > Notification Styles > Trivago app >Allow notifications.

4. Reset your phone settings– This is the last option one should resort to. It resets all your existing settings and data to their default state. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset all Settings


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