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Victoria 3 Game Soundtrack AKA Songs List: Listen Online From Here

Sound is a major part of the gaming experience and armed with this knowledge, many developers have expanded the range of soundtracks they include in modern games. As a result, we now have cool songs that portray and convey the emotions in each gaming segment or scene. The developers of Victoria 3 have taken advantage of this to line up some catchy songs for the game’s songs list, and more importantly, these songs are already in the public sphere. That being said, we will discuss Victoria 3 Game Soundtrack AKA songs list in the course of this article. What’s more, we will drop links so you can listen to the songs via online streaming. Before we get to that, let’s discuss the game for the purpose of context.

Victoria 3 Game Soundtrack AKA Songs List: Listen Online From Here
Victoria 3 Game Soundtrack AKA Songs List: Listen Online From Here

Victoria 3 is a grand strategy video game developed and published by Paradox Development Studio and Paradox Interactive respectively. The game is a sequel to Victoria II earlier released back in August 2010. Victoria 3 is set to be released on October 25th, 2022 for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux, and will be playable via single-player and multiplayer modes. Let’s now discuss the game’s songs list and where to listen to them online.

Victoria 3 Game Soundtrack AKA Songs List: Listen Online From Here

Any student of history knows the hundred years between 1836 and 1936 (where the game is set) was not exactly a peaceful century, as it was marred by wars, revolutions, uprisings, and many other global issues including World War 1 and the events leading to World War II. It is not surprising then that most of the songs featured in the game can be traced to revolutions while having a military ambiance as well. That’s not to say there are no soothing and purely joyful songs in the game one can listen to. That being said, a total of 20 songs are featured in the game. In total, the 20 tracks run a total of an hour and nineteen minutes. Here’s a list of the featured tracks in Victoria 3.

1) A Prospering Country (feat. The Sofia Session Orchestra).
2) Rule The World (feat. Budapest Film Orchestra).
3) Adagio For Four Strings (feat. The Sofia Session Orchestra).
4) At The Country Manor (feat. The Sofia Session Orchestra).
5) Benedicte (feat. The Sofia Session Orchestra).
6) England 1850 (feat. The Sofia Session Orchestra).
7) Moonlight Waltz (feat. The Sofia Session Orchestra).
8) Our New Residence (feat. The Sofia Session Orchestra).
9) Over The Calm Ocean (feat. The Sofia Session Orchestra).
10) Quite Noble Festivities (feat. The Sofia Session Orchestra).
11) Remembering Prince Albert (feat. The Sofia Session Orchestra).
12) Sunrise Over London (feat. The Sofia Session Orchestra).
13) Sunset Over Windsor Castle (feat. The Sofia Session Orchestra).
14) Tea Time (feat. The Sofia Session Orchestra).
15) The Queen Is Actually Amused (feat. The Sofia Session Orchestra).
16) To Build A Factory (feat. The Sofia Session Orchestra).
17) Asset Gathering (feat. Budapest Film Orchestra).
18) British Soil (feat. Budapest Film Orchestra).
19) Death March (feat. Budapest Film Orchestra).
20) Glory To The Queen (feat. Budapest Film Orchestra).

Here are links to mainstream online music streaming platforms via which you can listen to the songs.

Spotify: Click here

Youtube Music: Click here

Deezer: Click here

Anghami: Click here

Amazon: Click here

7 digital: Click here

Apple Music: Click here

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