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Vtol VR: How to switch weapons

Boundless Dynamics, LLC’s long-running game, VTOL VR, is still going strong even now. Originally released back in August 2017, Boundless Dynamics hasn’t stopped working on this game at all. So much so that the last major 1.7.0 update was just a few months ago, in August 2023, along with the latest 1.7.3 patch released in September. The 1.7.0 update officially brought in wind as an optional effect and also introduced a new PvP multiplayer scenario. That’s not all, though. The next 1.8 major update has also been confirmed for a release with the upcoming electronic warfare DLC aircraft. It is safe to say that VTOL VR is here to stay for a long while. While the game is a pretty niche title, it does have a loyal fanbase, and more are always joining the community. And so this guide will serve as a helpful one to those newcomers who want to learn about switching weapons in the game.

Although VR technology has advanced quite a lot in the past few years, it still occupies a teeny-tiny chunk of the overall gaming market. This is mainly due to two factors: expensive peripherals and body strain. And these two factors directly affect the VR gaming space, which is still minuscule compared to what the mainstream gaming world has. And through all that, VTOL VR has still somehow been able to manage and survive on its own. While the influx of new players has been slow, it hasn’t died. And if you are one of the few who has decided to give this game a try, here’s a guide to help you switch weapons.

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Vtol VR: How to switch weapons

Switching weapons in Vtol VR is quite easy, and you will get the hang of it quickly enough. However, due to controller variety, the correct controls will differ. If you are using Oculus Touch, all you need to do is hold the top button of your controller while you are holding the joystick and then choose the weapon that you want to use. For players who are using Oculus Quest 2, hold the joystick and then press B. That should do it. We highly recommend you use SteamVR to change key bindings for your game. Especially, if you aren’t comfortable with the default controls. Doing so will help you a lot in enjoying Vtol VR to its fullest.

To change your controller bindings in SteamVR, open Settings first. Next, you will find a myriad of options to choose from. Ignore all except for the one titled – Controllers. Select it and click on the Manage Controller Bindings suboption. In the next window, select Vtol VR from the drop-down menu for the “Manage Controller Bindings for:” option. Now, take a look at the Active Controller Binding option. You will see that there are two sub-options: Default and Custom. Select CustomChoose Another and edit the controls as per your liking.

So, that’s all you need to know about switching weapons in Vtol VR, and how to change the keybinds. We hope you find this guide insightful. If you did, make sure to visit VabSaga frequently.


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