We (maybe) finally know how long Elden Ring's Erdtree is

We (maybe) finally know how long Elden Ring’s Erdtree is

If you’ve ever tried to get a Elden Ring boss or just accidentally hit yourself while trying to play then you are familiar with the Erdtree. It’s that big, bright tree that draws its strength directly from the Elden Ring and stands in the center of Leyndell. When you look at it, it clearly looms over the surrounding mountains and hills. That is, it is really a huge tree.

But how big is the really, incredibly tall Erdtree? Well, thanks to YouTuber Zullie the Witch, at least we have some estimates.

With several parts to explore, it’s clear that, scientifically speaking, the thing is massive; as Zullie points out, from any part of the map you can see that the tree “dominates” the landscape. But those pieces offer some comparison for how big different parts of the tree are.

The trunk seems to continue for hundreds of feet below the surface and as it cuts off at the top there are branches reaching above that point. According to their measurements, from the (underground) base of the Erdtree to the highest branching point is about 5,048 meters long – or about 16,562 feet.

To put that into perspective, that’s quite a bit of the height of Mount Everest (about 29,000 feet). You can also think of it as about 15.3 Eiffel Towers (1,083′ tall, if you measure to the tip) or 3,365 Danny DeVitos (4’10”, according to the internet) stacked on top of each other.

Of course, the actual above-ground height of the tree is a little different, and it kind of depends on where you can stand next to it. That could skim about 1,000 meters (or 2,000 feet or so) from the altitude, according to Zullie’s calculations. Even then we can all agree: big tree.