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What Does 3rb Mean in Overwatch

The use of acronyms in gaming communities has made video gaming really cool and appealing. Who wouldn’t love to be a part of a team where they use specific terms that cannot be easily decoded by those who do not belong to the group? Everyone would love that. Most times, slang is used by veteran gamers and newbies are in the oblivion of what they mean. Newbies to Overwatch and gaming, in general, will most probably be confused by a word like 3RB (is it a word really?). In this article, we will discuss what 3RB means in the first-shooter video game; Overwatch. Let us a brief introduction of the game first before we answer that question bugging your mind.

What Does 3rb Mean in Overwatch?
What Does 3rb Mean in Overwatch?

Overwatch is a multiplayer game played from a first-person’s perspective. The game was said to be inspired by the accomplishments of games other shooter games like Team Fortress 2. This hero-shooter-based video game basically highlights how important teamwork is. Like most video games, Overwatch received both positive and negative reviews. The favorable reviews were based on the game’s enjoyable and thrilling gameplay. Some people also praised the game for its unique heroic characters. The game became a big hit after its release In March 2016 and has also won several awards. Let’s now tackle the question at hand.

What Does 3rb Mean in Overwatch?

The term 3RB is exactly as complex as it sounds. However, its meaning has nothing to do with the letters attached to the number. 3RB is used by gamers when they want an Arab teammate in the Overwatch game, but it is not exclusive to Overwatch as many gamers have used the same word in other video game online communities. It’s more like a coded signal of “I am in need of Arab teammates!”. The next relevant question would be why some players are convinced Arab players make better teammates right? Well, let’s have a look at it.

Many players think Arab players in particular and Middle-Eastern/Asian gamers make the best teammates because they are always very dedicated and consistent in the gaming community. Well, it also seems pretty close to BRB so, it might be a new way to say “Be Right Back”.

Now that you know what 3RB means in Overwatch, make use of the abbreviation at the right time to get the best teammates for your team.  Kindly share this article with friends in your gaming community and keep in touch with Vabsaga for more gaming updates. Best regards!


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