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What does an earthquake mean in Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley saw its full release in 2016, and since then, it has become the go-to farm-sim game for many fans of the genre. After all, it’s the game that revitalized farm sims. New players are still flocking into the game to try it out, and that means having to learn about lots of things. And this guide will help you learn about what exactly an earthquake means in the game.

Since Stardew Valley’s release, there have been a lot of new and unique farm-sim games. Some have even gone on to garner a considerable following. Roots of Pacha, My Time at Portia, and Sun Haven are just a few good examples of that. However, Stardew Valley still continues to be the best of them all. A major reason behind it happens to be the great DLCs ConcernedApe has released over the years. With so many free DLCs, there are many new things that you will need to know about. So, without much further ado, continue reading to see what an earthquake means in Stardew Valley.


What does an earthquake mean in Stardew Valley?

Earthquake is one of the many random events in Stardew Valley. And compared to other random events, it’s very rare. So much so that this particular random event can only happen once per saved file. There’s a set time for this event. You will get an earthquake on the 3rd day of Year One’s summer. When this event occurs, you will get the following notification in the morning: There was an Earthquake during the night.

If you didn’t already know, this particular event is quite important. Why? Because it opens up a new area on the map that you can explore. The railroad region, to be exact. On your early excursion into the northern regions of the valley, you might have come across a large boulder that’s blocking access to an unexplored area. After the earthquake happens, you will no longer see that boulder there, having been shattered or knocked away by the earthquake.

When you go and explore the newly discovered region, you will come across a railroad, a spa, the summit, and the Witch’s Swamp. The spa, in particular, is especially great since you can recover your energy there. When a train goes through the railroad, it will drop some items that you can go and collect. The Witch’s Swamp can only be accessed after finishing certain quests given to you by the Wizard. As for The Summit, it too is only accessible once you get the Perfection achievement. Additionally, you can also find the Prehistoric Tibia artifact in the Railroad region.

Players don’t need to worry about the earthquake damaging their crops. The earthquake only affects the boulder and nothing else. So, rest easy, knowing your crops are safe.

And that’s all there is to know about this particular topic. If you find this guide informative, make sure to visit VabSaga for more such content. Also read: Fae Farm Sardine Location: Where to get & find


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