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What Does C9 Mean in Overwatch?

Most video games come with a whole lot of unique slang players use when communicating with fellow players during gameplay and Overwatch is not an exception. Imagine being in your gaming community and you are thrown into total oblivion when the term C9 is mentioned. Do not worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will discuss the meaning of C9 in Overwatch and other relevant details of the game every player should know. You will agree it wouldn’t hurt to have a brief review of the game before discussing the main focus of the article.

What Does C9 Mean in Overwatch?
What Does C9 Mean in Overwatch?

The 2016 shooter game was published and developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The developers deemed it fit to feature varieties of game modes in this title for terrific combat moments. This multiplayer first shooter game puts players on the edge as they control their ‘heroes’ during combats. Every hero has a special skill to aid a swift and interesting play.

What Does C9 Mean in Overwatch?

It might interest you to know the term “C9” is not as ambiguous as most newbie players of Overwatch think it might be. C9 is simply short for Cloud9. Well, you might think what relation does the word C9 has with Overwatch, right? However, in the game, Cloud9 is very significant in the Overwatch Apex Season 2. It was said that the Cloud9 team went against another team and was defeated thrice in a match because they didn’t follow the rules and abandoned their objective.

Following this history, C9 in Overwatch is basically unintentionally giving up during combat and being unable to regain strength or stance. Despite having the ability to stand on a payload or objective, a team that has been called C9 is directly ignoring the objective and has given up. We can also say a C9 has occurred when you give yourself up to be slaughtered because you forgot to play the objective during combat. A team in the game is C9-ed if they ignorantly go off the point, losing the map and consequently losing the game.

Although there are many explanations for the term C9, we hope we’ve been able to satisfy your curiosity about what it actually means in the game. Now that you know what it means, wouldn’t it be lovely to share this article for others to learn too?

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