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What Does FR Mean in Overwatch?

Overwatch has more than its fair share of abbreviations, phrases, and other words used by players in-game to describe situations, communicate with teammates and analyze games. Some of these words, phrases, and abbreviations were pre-added to the game by developers, while a greater percentage was made up by players in gaming communities to save typing time, or to just sound cool.

No matter the story or motive behind them, it is important that players, both newbies, and veterans, but newbies especially get acquainted with these abbreviations and phrases.

What Does FR Mean in Overwatch?
What Does FR Mean in Overwatch?

One of the most interesting abbreviations to know is FR, interesting mainly due to what it represents. FR like we said is highly popular, but if you don’t know what it means or you have been getting conflicting meanings, we will explain what FR means in this article. Continue reading for more details.

What Does FR Mean in Overwatch?

First of all, contrary to what a lot of players say, FR is not an abbreviation of “For real”, at least not in Overwatch lingo. The confusion seems to stem from instances where players use ‘fr’ which is the universal abbreviation for “for real” side by side with “FR”, the abbreviated form of “Friendly Fire”. Yes, FR is short for Friendly Fire in Overwatch. Many shooter games are as realistic as real life can be, but they usually lack one realistic feature; the ability of players to accidentally or intentionally shoot their teammates.

Unfortunately, this feature is not available in Overwatch as well, but fans have been going on and on about it. This mode allows players to open fire on their teammates and actually injure or neutralize them just like enemy combatants. This is very controversial no doubt, but we have to admit, the gameplay has gotten a lot spicier since players brought up the idea.

If teammates can potentially shoot each other in friendly fire in real life, why not in a video game? So, if you have a teammate who’s better off the team, or killing and respawning them will create an advantage for the team, perhaps you can make them literally take one for the team using the friendly fire feature. Let’s cross our fingers and hope the feature gets added to the game. Anyways, you can try some custom FR games available in the Overwatch workshop to experience the same.

We hope this article explained what FR means in Overwatch to your satisfaction. Stay in touch with Vabsaga to get more cool gaming updates like this, and kindly share this article with friends in your gaming community. Have fun!


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