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What Does Mtd Mean In Overwatch?

Most gamers make use of unique terms, abbreviations, and phrases to make pronunciation faster, or just sound cool and sophisticated while gaming or discussing a game with other players. Some newbies and even veteran players make use of these terms without proper knowledge of their meanings. We are here to help clarify things once and for all, starting by answering what does Mtd mean in Overwatch, and other related info about the abbreviation in particular, and Overwatch in general. Let’s have a brief overview of the game before we launch into what MTD means in the game.

What Does Mtd Mean in Overwatch
What Does Mtd Mean in Overwatch

Overwatch is one of Blizzard’s most famous video games loved by all and sundry.  The FPS game matches players into two teams with six members per team. Players get to choose characters with unique skills to use to their advantage in the course of the game. With the massive love the game received upon its release, the developers will be releasing a sequel where new heroes and maps are introduced. Overwatch is currently available for Microsoft Windows, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. Anyways, coming back to the main topic, let’s go over what MTD means in Overwatch.

What Does Mtd Mean in Overwatch?

Although many players are unwittingly unaware of what MTD mean, they use it regardless. This is probably because they want to sound cool on online chats in their gaming communities. MTD stands for the acronym Main Tank Difference. The term was initially created by Super (the main tank player) from San Francisco Shock. MTD is used in Overwatch to alert a player that both teams’ tanks have distinctly different abilities when they compete. This call-out plays an important role in whether you win or lose and the claim is that the guy playing the Tank role either carried or threw the match during the game.

There are other related terms used with MTD, like OT and MT. The term OT means off tank or 2nd tank which is used to describe the supporting tanks that are paired with the main tank. MT, on the other hand, stands for the Main Tank which is used to safeguard and absorb damage during combats. Getting fluent in these terms and abbreviations will surely help make gaming more fun and easier with your teammates.

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