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What Does Rev 2.0 Mean on GPU

Intel’s surprising entry into the GPU market was intriguing, to say the least. Furthermore, the company went from having zero market shares in the GPU sector to acquiring 4% of it. While AMD slumped and Nvidia being Nvidia gained a minor amount of market share. The Arc series from Intel may not be as powerful as the Nvidia and AMD ones in terms of performance, these are still a good stepping stone for Intel to let its successive GPUs walk on. One thing gamers would love to see though is the cost of these GPUs. New ones, including GPUs from Nvidia and AMD, have their flagship product listed at more than 1000$. You can thank scalpers and material shortage for that.

On the other hand, with the amount of new tech coming nowadays, it’s almost impossible to keep in touch with all of them. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t know a thing or two about them. Take the term Rev 2.0 for example. You might have seen them plastered in GPU descriptions. But what do they mean? What specifically is it for? Let’s find out.

What Does Rev 2.0 Mean on GPU
What Does Rev 2.0 Mean on GPU

What Does Rev 2.0 Mean on GPU

Just like Ti stands for Titanium in the case of Nvidia graphic cards, Rev is short for Revision. For some reason, tech companies like to do this with their products. As earlier mentioned, Nvidia’s Ti graphic cards are a big example of that. Now don’t confuse revision with refurbished or renewed. It is miles different from those.

Revision in GPUs means that a series or set of GPUs have been tweaked a certain amount of times by the engineers to include some changes. If a graphic card has 2.0 written in the name or description then that one has been revised twice. For this, a graphic card must have been updated with new tweaks by the manufacturer.

We hope that this guide has helped you in knowing what Rev 2.0 means on GPU. If you want to know why the GeForce Experience app is not detecting your GPU, check out this article. Also, don’t forget to follow us to get tips, tricks, and updates on the latest in gaming and tech. Game on!!


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