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What Is a Generous Gift in Sea of Thieves?

Sea of Thieves is a live service game and that means players get to enjoy new and exciting updates every now and then. Well, this is a good thing as it helps attract new players to the game. However, so much content can be overwhelming for newbies and veterans alike. After all, it’s almost impossible for anyone to remember everything about a game.

Players always have a problem with keeping track of every possible thing included in their game. Plus, the constant rollout of updates with new content from the devs adds more confusion. Just look at Warframe or Destiny players who need to have a separate tab opened on their devices to know about a specific item. Sea of Thieves players suffers from the same problem as well. If you wondering what the term Generous Gift means in Sea of Thieves, we are here to help you with that!


What Is a Generous Gift in Sea of Thieves?

Rare introduced the gift system in Sea of Thieves in December 2019. It was made available through the Festival of Giving Holiday Content Update. In short, a gift is a type of Reaper’s Bones Treasure. Pirates can sell these gifts to The Servant of Flame to receive rewards. Now, coming back to Generous Gifts, as said earlier, players can exchange these and get Doubloons and Reputation. They can also gift these to other crews to receive commendations too.

If you want to find Generous Gifts, you will have to put your pirate skills to full use as they are rare to find. You can them by completing Mercenary Voyages. But be quick, as these voyages are time-limited. Generous Gifts can also be acquired by doing X-marks/Treasure maps quests. Lastly, after completing Skeleton’s Quests, you can get gifts as they are dropped by Skeleton Lords. You can also try your luck looting Fortress Vaults in Skeleton Fort to get Generous Gifts.

We hope that this article has helped you in knowing about Generous Gifts in SoT. Now, your knowledge of the game is slightly better than the rest. However, if you are having trouble loading captained ships in the game, follow this guide. Do check out, VabSaga for updates on the latest in gaming and tech. Game on!!


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