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What is a ninja monkey worth in Adopt Me

Each pet in Adopt Me has a different rarity and worth. Since the game has five categories in which these pets are classified, knowing the rarity and worth of each pet in the game can be quite hard. Well, one pet that many have been trying to get their hands on in the game is none other than the infamous Ninja Monkey pet. This pet is quite rare and many are unaware of its worth. So, in this article, we will be sharing all the details on the worth of the Ninja Monkey pet in Adopt Me. Here’s everything you need to know.

Adopt Me is known for its plethora of pets and consistent updates that bring new pets and content to the game. Well, there are many updates featured in the game each year but one update that hasn’t seen the light of day since 2020 is the Monkey Fairground update. This update debuted in the game back in 2020 featuring the Ninja Monkey and 5 other monkey pets. Well, the devs did mention that the update will be returning soon, but there has been no follow-up after that. Since the Monkey Fairground update is nowhere to be seen in 2022, players are looking for the Ninja Monkey pet. Well, this pet can now be owned by trading only which is why knowing its worth is important. So, without any further ado, let’s jump right into the details.


What is a ninja monkey worth in Adopt Me?

The Ninja Monkey pet was featured as a limited legendary pet in the Monkey Fairground update back in 2020. Since this, the pet was not made available for direct purchase so you can get an idea of how much its worth should be, by now. Well, currently, the Ninja Monkey pet is equal in value to the Shrew, Egg Rattle, and Sugar Glider. The pets that are close in value to the Ninja Monkey pet in Adopt Me are as follows-

1) T-Rex
2) MegaNeon Bunny
3) Neon Lunar White Tiger
4) Wild Boar
5) Neon Summer Walrus
6) Neon Koala
7) Chick
8) Platypus
9) Diamond Unicorn
10) Neon Pine Marten

So, now you know what the worth of a Ninja Monkey in Adopt Me is. We hope that you can trade a Ninja Monkey for a fair value after reading this article. For more such articles on Adopt Me and information on newly released titles, make sure to stay tuned with us on Vabsaga.


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