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Where to buy Escape From Tarkov for PC

One of the most realistic if not the most realistic RPG action simulation game is Escape from Tarkov. Unlike other titles of the same genre, this game provides an extra layer of realistic experience that immerses players as a whole. Gamers who like challenges and are ready to invest time in this game will feel satisfied once they master the in-game mechanics. However, buying Escape from Tarkov for PC via Steam or Epic Games isn’t possible as of now. So, where can you buy the game? In this article, we will be sharing all the details regarding the same. Without any further ado, let’s get right into it.

There are plenty of digital storefronts available for PC players to buy games whether they are old or new. Storefronts like Steam, Epic Games, and Origin offer a bunch of different titles including some exclusives as well. However, not every game can be found in those storefronts. Some publishers don’t want their games to be featured on Steam, Epic Games, etc, as they offer their own launcher for the game. The same goes for Escape from Tarkov. Developed and Published by Battlestate Games, Escape from Tarkov can be bought via the official website of Battlestate Games. For more details on this, continue reading.


Where to buy Escape From Tarkov for PC

Escape from Tarkov has come a long way since its Closed Beta release back in 2017 for PC. The game offers a very steep learning curve which requires players to spend countless hours before they get good at the game. However, the challenging gameplay made EFT a title for the best of the best and this is the reason why it has managed to gain so much popularity. Due to its increasing demand, many players are searching for this game on Steam/Epic Games only to find that the title is not featured there. Well, that is because EFT can only be accessed after visiting the website of Battlestate Games. To buy Escape from Tarkov on PC, follow the given steps-

1) Click here to head to the official Escape from Tarkov website.
2) Here, click on the image that says- “Pre-Order”. A new page will open.
3) Now, select the edition you want to buy as there are multiple for you to choose from. After you have selected the edition of your choice, click on the Pre-Order button next to it. However, before you can actually buy the game, you will need to Register yourself on the website. So, enter the required credentials and complete the registration process.
4) Next comes the payment gateway. You will need to pay for the edition you selected. After the payment has been done, you will need to head to the Profile page.
5) Here, you will find the Install button. Click on it and the Battlestate launcher download will initiate.
6) After installation, log in with your registered account and then download the game.

So, this is how you can buy and play Espace from Tarkov for PC. For more such useful guides, make sure to stay tuned with us on Vabsaga.


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