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Woodland egg Adopt Me pets list

Adopt Me is one of the most popular games in Roblox and that too for a fair reason. The game is always updated with new content for the players which helps in retaining engagement. Anyways, one of the most recent and highly anticipated updates that many players were looking forward to was the Adopt Me Woodland Egg update. It was released back in March 2022 and brought a lot of new pets into the game. Well, players who joined Adopt Me recently wouldn’t know which pets were added to the game with this new update, which is why we have featured all the details about the same, in this article. So, consider reading for the Adopt Me Woodland Egg pets list. Here’s everything you need to know.

Adopt Me pets are classified into 5 categories and each pet in the game has a total of 3 versions. That being said, the overwhelming number of pets available in the game can make it hard for anyone to remember which pet was released when. But, a simple guide on the same would solve all the confusion. Every 6 months, a new egg is released in Adopt Me that replaces the old one with new pets. Earlier, the Mythic Egg was featured in Adopt Me which included pets from mythic folklore but now, the Woodland is available in the Gumball Machine for a total of 750 Bucks. Want to know the Woodland Egg pets? Continue reading.


Woodland egg Adopt Me pets list

A total of 8 pets are featured in the popular Woodland Egg in Adopt Me. These pets feature different rarity and are quite adorable.

1) Pine Marten

It is one of the most popular ultra-rare pets that the Woodland egg featured in the game.

2) Red Cardinal

The Red Cardinal is an uncommon pet that is included in the Woodland Egg.

3) Bullfrog

It is a common pet in the Woodland Egg and is quite similar to the Frog pet.

4) Woodpecker

This rare pet in the Woodland Egg is a fan favorite.

5) Salamander

You only have a 10% chance of getting the Ultra-rare Salamander from the Woodland egg, making it very hard to get.

6) Red Fox

Yet another rare pet that is quite popular in the game.

7) Fallow Deer

Definitely, the most adorable pet in the Woodland Egg, the Fallow Deer is a legendary pet. Players only have about a 2.5% chance of obtaining this pet from the Woodland Egg.

8) Hawk

Another Legendary pet in the Woodland Egg is none other than the Hawk, which is also quite popular.

So, this was the Woodland Egg pets list in Adopt Me. For more such interesting articles on Adopt Me, make sure to stay tuned with us on Vabsaga.


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