Young Justice heroes share what they read and watch when they don't save the world

Young Justice heroes share what they read and watch when they don’t save the world

young justice is back with the second half of season 4, Phantoms† The gang has faced grief after a tragic death, ghost purgatory and political turmoil beneath the ocean. It’s a fun, dramatic time and a return to form for the show. New episodes air Thursdays on HBO Max, and there’s also an in-continuity comic coming.

But that’s not what we’re here for today. We’re here to talk about the important stuff: which movies the Young Justice characters like. Polygon sat down with the superhero gang* to talk about Beast Boy’s close relationship with AlienArtemis’ penchant for escapist media, and what Klarion is involved in as well.

(*series creators Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman.)

So what entertainment options do the Young Justice gang turn to when they’re not saving the world or dealing with their trauma? Let’s dive in.

Garfield Logan / Beast Boy

Garfield Logan wears a cool hat in Young Justice.

Image: Warner Bros. Animation

Ripley in her spacesuit in Alien.

Image: 20th Century Fox


What it is: Ridley Scott’s 1978 science fiction horror masterpiece, which follows the members of a cargo spaceship who are hunted by a terrifying alien that has found its way aboard.

Why Beast Boy likes it: There are more ties to Gar’s own story than you might think! As co-creator Brandon Vietti put it: “It’s animal horror and I think we all know that Garfield Logan, Beast Boy, is a real animal lover. But also a lover of sci-fi. And I think there’s also some real resonance in what happens in the story versus its own origins. Alien has an alien who injects genetic material into another alien and from that alien a new combo alien is born. A lot of shape shifting and exchange of genetic material, just like our Mars blood transfusion that gave rise to Beast Boy’s powers.’

Where to watch: Alien can be viewed for free with ads on Tubi and can be rented or purchased on most VOD platforms.

Galaxy Quest

What it is: The classic science fiction comedy follows the cast of a Star Trek-like show that encounters aliens who are fans of the show and believe it’s all real.

Why Beast Boy likes it: Gar’s Role as a Leading Actor in TV Series space travel appreciates the challenges of the sci-fi entertainment industry and especially congressional life. Also, as co-creator Greg Weisman put it, “Who doesn’t love it?” Galaxy Quest† I mean, that’s a slam dunk for everyone. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love Galaxy Quest† And if they didn’t like it, I’d be very suspicious of them.”

Where to watch: Galaxy Quest is available to stream on Fubo and is available for rent or purchase on most VOD platforms.

Artemis Crock / Tigress

As a child, Artemis Crock read Số đỏ in Young Justice.

Image: Warner Bros. Animation

Sofia Boutella fires a gun in Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Image: 20th Century Fox


What it is: Vũ Trọng Phụng’s 1936 classic novel, a class satire banned in Vietnam until 1986.

Why Artemis likes it: We’re starting here because, frankly, Artemis probably prefers reading a book. As a teacher of comparative literature, reading has been a big part of her life (and has been since her childhood), and s in particular is an important text for her (first given to Artemis by her sister, Jade).

Where can you read: You can buy at s (or stupid luck) on

Pride and prejudice

What it is: The 2005 adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic novel starring Keira Knightly and Matthew Macfadyen as Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy.

Why Artemis likes it: It’s a loving adaptation of one of her all-time favorite novels. “She gets to see Keira Knightley bring Elizabeth Bennet to life,” Weisman said. “She loves that book.”

Where to watch: Pride and prejudice is available to watch on HBO Max.

Kingsman: The Secret Service

What it is: Matthew Vaughn’s 2014 spy comedy starring Taron Egerton and Colin Firth. Since then, a franchise has emerged, followed by two other films.

Why Artemis likes it: Artemis needs a break from the literature she analyzes professionally. Coupled with her affinity for hard hitting action, Kingsman: The Secret Service is a natural fit. As Weisman puts it, “Since she’s so erudite, I think she’d be a fan of schlock too,” he said. “Again, they’re just fun, you know, they’re very much popcorn movies. Sometimes you just don’t want to do what you do for a living when you go to the movies, so I think a little more schlock is the choice you make.”

As for the sequel…not so much. “I think the second film, the only female member of the Kingsman unit, is being thrown out for no particular good reason,” Weisman said. “I think she would like that” insulting† I know I found it offensive.”

Where to watch: Kingsman: The Secret Service is available for rent or purchase on most VOD platforms.

M’gann M’orzz / Miss Martian

Miss Martian uses her telepathic powers in Young Justice.

Image: Warner Bros. Animation

Fran in Knives talks to Danica McKellar about the in-universe Hallmark movie Deadly by Surprise.

Image: Lionsgate

Deadly by Surprise / Knives Out

What it is: Deadly by surprise is a fictional movie in the mystery movie of 2019 Blades off† In Deadly by surpriseHallmark movie staple Danica McKellar plays a woman who is poisoned by her husband. In Blades offDaniel Craig plays a renowned detective who investigates a murder on a wealthy family’s estate.

Why Miss Martian likes it: M’gann initially based her “human” self on Megan Wheeler, the lead character of the in-universe TV sitcom Hello, Megan! and is similarly drawn to real-life actress Danica McKellar, a staple of Hallmark movies. The end result: M’gann loves both Blades off and the fake movie inside Blades off

Where to watch: Blades off is available to stream for free with ads on IMDB TV, soon to be rebranded as Freevee, and is available for rent or purchase on most VOD platforms. Unfortunately, Deadly by surprise can’t be streamed anywhere, because it doesn’t exist.

Klarion / Witch Boy

Klarion and his cat in Young Justice.

Image: Warner Bros. Animation

Hayley Mills and that damn cat from That Darn Cat.

Image: Walt Disney Productions

Cat videos on YouTube

What it is: Adorable and/or mischievous collections of furry felines collected on video.

Why Klarion likes it: Klarion loves his cat, Teekl, more than anything in the world. When they are separated in Phantoms“It’s a legitimate crisis for the demon boy. Cat videos on YouTube are a source of comfort to many, and Klarion counts itself among that number.

Where to watch: Just open YouTube and cat videos will find you.

That damn cat

What it is: A 1965 comedy about a troublesome cat who has the clues to solve a bank robbery.

Why Klarion likes it: It’s a cat-focused thriller with a laugh. That is exactly the speed of Klarion.

Where to watch: That damn cat is available to watch on Disney Plus.

Greg and Brandon / Young Justice co-creators

Phantom Stranger in Young Justice

Image: Warner Bros. Animation

Rob Morrow in Northern Exposure in front of a welcome sign for Cicely, Alaska.

Image: NBC Universal Television

Northern exposure

What it is: A comedy series about a small town in Alaska and the newly graduated big city doctor who is sent to be the local family doctor.

Why the co-creators like it: Ok, I led with a picture of Phantom Stranger because Weisman said he would appreciate this show, but the two co-creators talked at length about the show’s significant influence on young justice

“Greg and I are big fans of Northern exposure† Big fans,” said Vietti. “We kind of got attached to that when we started making the show. I think I learned a lot about writing from that show. I think there are structural things, that the show interweaves reality and fantasy in interesting ways.” There are dream sequences and fantasy sequences and very fantastic elements that flow into reality and very interesting ways of storytelling that develop characters. Huge source of inspiration for us. When I wrote my first episode in season 2, we hired actors from the cast of Northern exposurewe kinda named some characters in my episode after some characters in Northern exposure

Where to watch: Unfortunately, Northern exposure cannot be streamed anywhere at the moment. †

Young Justice: Phantoms is available to watch on HBO Maxwith new episodes premiering every Thursday.