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Cultivation Tales Best Settings for High FPS

Invading factions, cultivating immortals cooperatively, and fighting opponents in PvP modes are the reasons why Cultivation Tales have been a must-try game for players. However, the game isn’t quite well received by the players as it features a ton of bugs and issues making it unplayable. Well, there are also some players that have reported that the game fails to run properly on their system. So, in this article, we have featured the Best Settings for High FPS in Cultivation Tales to enjoy the experience to its fullest. If you are interested to know more, consider reading till the end.

Cultivation Tales is one such game that features the open-world survival craft system where players have to survive by crafting materials, cooking food, etc. If you want to experience a fantasy world with real-life mechanics, then we suggest you try this game, once. However, beware that your experience won’t be as smooth as you would expect. As per reports, there are plenty of in-game issues along with errors related to servers and much more. Due to this, the game is reviewed negatively on Steam by many. But, if the game fails to run at high FPS on your system, there are a few settings that you can tweak to get enhanced performance. More details about it are shared below.


Cultivation Tales Best Settings for High FPS

Without any further ado, let’s jump right into the details on how to get high FPS in Cultivation Tales.

First, launch the game and head to the Settings menu. Now, select the Video Tab and apply the given settings-

In-game Video Settings-

Scalability- Medium
Display Mode- Windowed
Resolution- 1920×1080( your monitor’s resolution)
Resolution Scale- 100 (If you get low fps, consider reducing its value)
FrameRate Limit- 60/90/120/144 (according to the supported refresh rate of your monitor)
DynamicDisplayCharactersandWeapons- Off
Player Scene Interaction- ON
Volume Cloud- ON
Night Brightness- 2.5
TextureQuality- Low
Foliage Quality- Medium
Shadow Quality- Low
Motion Blur- OFF
Sharpen- Low
Anti-Aliasing- Low
Vsync- OFF

After this, make sure to hit Apply to save the changes. Now, you will have to tweak some Windows settings to ensure that the game is using the maximum resources possible.

Process Priority-

Open Task Manager and head to the Services section. Right-click on the TalesofWild process and click on the Set Priority option. Set the priority to High.

Tweak Windows Graphics Settings-

First, go to Windows Graphics Settings and click on Add. Now, head to this directory- Program Files> Steam> steamapps> common> LostMaze and select the TalesofWild.exe file. After this, select the Options button on the .exe file and click on the High-Performance option.

Update Windows

Make sure that you have the latest version of Windows installed on your system.

Update GPU drivers

If you are using outdated GPU drivers, then the game might fail to work properly resulting in low FPS. So, always update your GPU drivers to the latest version.

Enable Nvidia Image Scaling

Go to Nvidia GeForce Experience and scroll down until you find the Image Scaling option. Make sure to turn it on.

So, these were all the available best settings that you can apply to get High FPS in Cultivation Tales. For more such articles, visit Vabsaga.



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