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Riot Client Button Greyed Out: Fixes & Workarounds

The Riot Client is a fascinating platform you must have known about by now. As the central hub and point of access for all games owned by Riot Games, errors and bugs on the platform will certainly affect the games listed on it. One such error or issue is the Riot Client button greyed out issue, but not to worry, this and many other similar issues can be fixed by the Riot Client user with ease. For the sake of clarity, especially due to the misconceptions making rounds, we will explain in detail what Riot Client really is before we get into details on how to fix the Riot Client button greyed out issue.

Riot Client Button Greyed Out: Fixes & Workarounds
Riot Client Button Greyed Out: Fixes & Workarounds

To put it shortly, Riot Client is a central hub through which gamers can access the array of games like Valorant, League of Legends, and other games available in Riot Games’ library. Interestingly, Riot Client is not a new platform as you must have knowingly or unknowingly used it when playing any game owned by Riot games before now. The difference now is with the Riot Client, you can log in just once and be able to play the games in Riot’s library, downloading and playing whichever you want.

Riot Client Button Greyed Out: Fixes & Workarounds

Like every other digital platform, Riot Client is not devoid of issues, which is why we will now walk you through how to fix the Riot Client button greyed out issue should you encounter it.

1) Restart Your PC

This is by far the most common and perhaps most effective quick fix for the issue. Restarting your PC overrides most issues users encounter while launching Riot Client and it works for a host of other issues as well. Should the issue persist, we recommend you try the next step.

2) Update Client

An outdated client might be the root cause of this error. You can also try this step to get rid of this issue. All you need do is simply restart the Riot Client on your PC and the auto-update will be triggered.

3) Uninstall and Reinstall Riot Client

This step might actually be the most efficient way to resolve the issue. Before proceeding, ensure all Riot games on your PC are uninstalled. You can empty the PC recycle bin to ensure no residual of the uninstalled Client is left on your PC. After this, uninstall Riot Games and then reinstall it again.

If these fail, we suggest you contact Riot Games customer care for further assistance. Kindly share this article with friends, and stay in touch with Vabsaga for more.


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