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Tekken 7 DLC Characters List

Downloadable content or DLCs for short are part of the features that make a game stand out. Well, Tekken 7 is a game that features a bunch of DLCs and each DLC brings new characters into the game. If you have been searching for a DLC characters list for Tekken 7, then great, you have found it.

Tekken 7 DLC Characters List
Tekken 7 DLC Characters List

You can choose from this wide range of characters in Tekken 7, but we suggest you choose characters that align with your virtual fighting skills for the best gaming experience. Let’s get to the list in question.

Tekken 7 DLC Characters List

1) Marduk

This character is popular for his wrestling moves. He makes opponents submit by tackling them to the ground and raining punches on them while they are down.

2) Negan

We all remember him from the Walking Dead series by AMC. This character is most dangerous when close to his enemies as he uses a club wrapped with metal wire to inflict deadly blows.

3) Geese

This character does not have to rely on a meter. He wins bouts by pressuring his opponents while preventing them from fighting back using several counter-hit punches. His combos are best seen firsthand.

4) Kunimitsu

This character capitalizes on slight mistakes made by her opponent to bring them down. Her rage drive explodes in a projectile that gets enemies who are not fast enough to get out of the way.

5) Leroy

This character has a straightforward finishing technique that looks easy but deadly nevertheless. He uses what looks like an infinite number of punches to weaken down opponents.

6) Lei

This character uses confusion to throw off enemies, although this puts him in high risks situations. We suggest you get better at the game before choosing him for matches as his antics can confuse players as well.

7) Lidia

This character relies on pure aggression and it works for her every time. The best way to counter her moves is by anticipating them, then interrupting just before she unleashes her finishing move.

8) Fahkumram

Fahkumram uses brute strength for self-defense and offensive strikes. He is known to break down opponent guards and follow up with rending combos.

9) Ganryu

Once this character gets a hold of an opponent, it’s game over as he never lets go. The best way to fight him is to wear him out while avoiding being pushed into a corner.

10) Anna

Anna seems to have all the moves and hit combos on her fingertips. She switches between defensive and striking-out attacks when you least expect them.

11) Armor King

This character uses the strike-and-throw combo perfectly. He is known to pin opponents to flat surfaces and unleash attacks on them.

12) Zafina

Zafina takes advantage of the space between her and her opponent to deliver quick but deadly punches, and then dart back to her position far beyond reach.

13) Noctis

Noctis uses a wide array of defensive tools to ward away opponents. He can also deliver dangerous pokes and throws.

14) Eliza

Her flexibility is her greatest asset, opponents might have a sure punch on the way only for her to dodge just before it connects.

15) Julia

This character delivers her attacks in quick succession, stunning her opponents so they can’t fight back. The best way to avoid her is by going around in circles so she can’t pinpoint you to a specific place.

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