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Call of Duty (COD) Vanguard: How to disable Crossplay?

Call of Duty: Vanguard features on multiple platforms and allows Cross-platform play or Crossplay. This, for example, enables players from PC to connect to Xbox or Play Station players within the game. This includes matchups, making parties, in-game communication, adding friends, etc. This is all done through your Activision account, and using the same account across different platforms will allow you to cross-save as well.

Why you should Turn Off Crossplay?

Many players have however come across many issues in regards to Crossplay. The gaming experience online is heavily influenced by this feature. Crossplay results in matchups with many PC Hackers which causes immense distress among players. A lot of the online multiplayer content consisting of crossplay puts players under difficult conditions. In this instalment, the aim modifiers or aim assists for controllers are quite strong; this was done to balance out the PC keyboard and mouse advantage, but it may have been overdone.

There is also another major factor that critically affects online multiplayer with crossplay on and off. When Crossplay is on, it results in a worse connection or server performance. This is a result of cross-playing across different platforms. For example, players on a PC vs players on Xbox or PSP may face some connection issues, because they are originally different platforms. This issue has yet to be fixed but the only way to get around such connectivity issues is to completely turn off Crossplay.

Therefore, turning off crossplay has immensely improved the situation and resulted in better matchups among players with the same platforms.

Here are some steps you can follow to Turn Off Crossplay:

  • Open the Game’s Main Multiplayer menu screen.
  • Open Settings by pressing on your designated button.
COD Vanguard Crossplay Settings
COD Vanguard Crossplay Settings from Main Multiplayer Menu
  • Navigate to the Accounts & Network Settings on the top right.
  • Under the Online tab, The First Option should display CROSSPLAY. Click or press on the designated button to change the setting to “off”.
COD Vanguard Crossplay Settings
COD Vanguard Crossplay Settings

These steps will help turn off Crossplay and will only match players who are on the same platform. This reduces the number of connectivity issues a player faces in lobbies and poor matchups. It is up to you to decide if you want to deal with such issues to be able to match up with your friends on other platforms or have a smoother gaming experience with players on the same platform.



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