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Call of Duty (COD) Vanguard Packet burst / loss & high latency issues: How to fix it?

COD vanguard is a first person shooter game under the Call of Duty Franchise. It’s popularity has always revolved around it’s intense fast paced multiplayer matches and modes.

These modes being: Free For All: An all-or-nothing deathmatch,  Team Deathmatch: The team with the most kills wins,  Domination: Capture and defend assigned zones to earn points. Kill Confirmed: Score points by eliminating opponents and retrieving their dog tags. Patrol: Earn points by capturing and holding a moving zone. Hardpoint: Capture and defend a rotating objective area from your opponents. Search and Destroy: Defend or destroy objectives with no respawns in. Champion Hill: Eight teams compete in a four-map round robin team deathmatch. The winner is the last team standing.

CoD-Vanguard Packet burst

What is the Packet burst / loss & high latency issue?

These multiplayer modes are on of the main elements in the game that most players engage in. However, these modes may not entirely be perfect. Many players have faced bugs and small issues/errors while playing the game. One such issue is in regards to packet loss & high latency issue. Players in Vanguard have been plagued by the Packet Burst issue, which essentially causes latency when playing the game. This has a detrimental influence on their gameplay experience since it makes it hard for them to defend themselves against opponents who are not affected by the problem.

The Solutions:

  • There may be a certain number of aspects to this issue. The first step would be to check your internet connection. Make sure your internet speed is at least have 3mbps – 25mbps (higher speeds just in case for security). To test, play the game on a different connection to determine whether the issue was caused by your connection. Check with your ISP incase of any disturbance or check if any other downloads are interfering with the speeds. (Wifi will be slower than direct ethernet connection)
  • If your internet seems to be fine after testing, you can also check the status of the COD Vanguard Servers. There are certain cases when the server goes down or becomes unstable, just like it did during launch.
  • In game: Open Settings -> Graphics tab -> Turn off both On Demand Texture Streaming and Enable download limits. This will not only help with the Packet Burst issues but also will not make any significant changes to your graphics in general. The issue arises because, if this is left ON, it downloads high quality textures while the game is running. This causes reduction in internet speed dedicated to the match, therefore results in the packet burst issue.
cod vanguard texture streaming
cod vanguard on demand texture streaming



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